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Word 2021-12-17 Flying & the Fear of YHWH

Prophetic word, received on December the 17th 2021, about quarter past 8 in the evening during Worship on Erev Shabat.

…is flying
Who is flying?
Many will be flying!
Some will be flying out of their offices.
Some will fly to joy, others to sorrow.
The flight of My bride need to wait just a little bit for the fulfillment of time.

The signs are coming.
Many of the signs are (for) deception.
Yet they are signs.
Signs on the road that mark the distance.
Yet the speed of time can vary.
My time is not like Men’s invention of a somehow constant speed.

I watch if people repent and turn to Me or turn further away from Me.
So I change the tempo, the speed of time.
The closer the people are to Me the slower the speed.
The further away from Me, the faster everything is moving and turning.
Everything, Yes, everything!

But the accuser of the brethren, the devil can’t run faster than Me.
Yes, the further away the people and nations are from Me, the faster everything change.
Changing of laws and rules, changing of technology and knowledge.
What you see in this world and experience is not the limit of how fast things can change and move.

But why do you not come to Me?
You run (together) with all the wickedness that is woven in the minds and hearts of evil men.
The masses, blinded by their deceptions run with them and then wonder why they get exhausted.
No human is able to survive the speed of angels or demons.
They work in a realm, most people can’t see nor recognize.
Those who reject Me are not able to see but feel some kind of unknown source that drives them.

Children of My light are able to see.
The prophets and patriarchs testified and wrote it down for you to read.
If all people would come to Me, I would slow down the speed of time and even (the increase of) knowledge and technology.

Those who are 100% in Me, for them… time will stop and be no more.
But this is not possible in this world.
That’s why I needed to take Chanoch (Enoch) out of this world, or else he would be still alive.
Yet he would have died long ago from the pain to see of how much mankind has corrupted the earth and how far they all went away from Me.

You like to fly?
To fly with Me, high like an eagle and even higher?
With eyes stronger / sharper than the eagles.
dive deep into My wisdom.
You’ll find it in the fear of Me.

A fear of worship and praise.
A fear of who I am.
A fear of your salvation to tremble.
A fear of obedience and trust (in Me).
A fear of joy and wonder.
A fear of My suffering.
A fear of My death and resurrection.
A fear of the second death.
A fear of My blood and forgiveness.
A fear of love everlasting and eternal life.

A fear that does not fear the devil, the enemy who is not able to do anything beyond the death of your body.
His time is over soon when I will bind him for a 1000 years.
Though he knows he will lose at the end, he is so proud that he thinks he will win.
Blinded by his own deception on the way to the lake of fire.

You like to fly with or without wings?
Take gravity and put it into a wheelbarrow and dump it down the cliff (of knowledge, the pit of ignorance).
Remove it out of your deceived brain and come to Me.
Whether you want to fly with wings of just walk in the air.

Is there anything too difficult for Me?
Am I not able to enable you to do so?
All day long you talk about faith in your castles of idolatry and bunkers of fame, but don’t trust Me and obey (My Word).
Take hold of My Word and don’t play around with theology.
There is nothing that can hinder you to fly, if you put your trust in Me.

I am the same and never change.
Men’s opinions and doctrines about Me change over and over and over again, but it does not change Me.

Walk on water, walk on air and mock the enemy, when he wants to come after you.
Just imagine his face when he chase you and then you start walking and running over the ocean…
And then (on the water), when he comes with a boat you just start flying.
And then he start to come against you with an airplane, a jet or a helicopter.
Look at the faces of the pilots, when they see you sitting in front of their cabin (on the outside), staring at you in anger and terrible fear, into your smiling lovely face.

Not possible you say?
Even greater things you could do, if you would 100% trust and obey Me.

Do you not think, this pilots will start asking serious questions?
Do they not want to know where you got this ″power″ from?
Then… you can tell them about My blood, the power of My blood.
Greater than flying is forgiveness and salvation.

You can tell them, their flight might be soon come to an end, maybe even very abrupt.
But if they will trust and obey Me, their flight will never end regardless if their bodies might even last only a few more seconds longer in their jet.

Soon I am coming to deal with the wicked.
Yet My sons and daughters are not yet all on their knees.
I still need to cleanse out the black spots, the wolfs between My sheep and separate the goats.
Once this is done, time will move faster than the devil can run.
Before he even turn his head I have removed his army.

My angels (will) fly out to do it swiftly.
And those on their knees will even not realize of what is going on (or what happened).
When they stand up and get out of their chambers where they have been locked in, they will smell rain and a freshness like spring flowers.
″New″ they will say, there is something new, something different.
Yes, I will do a new thing and they will be in the midst of it.

Some of the verses it’s good to read a bit before and after while some of the verses are a bit out of context just to get the metaphorical idea in the prophecy.
Pray and let the Holy Spirit lead and guide you as always in any prophecy, so you will know His will and purpose.

Verses referring to the prophecy:

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Daniel 7:25
Psalm 111:10/ Proverbs 9:10
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