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Word 2021-12-14 Let My People go!

This prophetic word is somehow more a kind of a conversation or arguing between me and the Lord on December 14th 2021 around 4:30pm

I was in the kitchen, guess my stomach lead me to get a little snack.
As I was there, figuring out what to throw into my throat, into my mouth I also was thinking about the wicked leaders and how they want to shape the life on earth into something they desire, and of course with the help of their friend, the devil.
In all of this I was addressing Yeshua in praise and mentioned at some point:
″You have the last Word!″

And then to my surprise He asked me:
″What do you want me to say?″

It took me maybe 20 minutes or more to think about what to answer – this is absolutely not an easy question…
And as I am aware how my emotions and my personal opinion is surely to some extend corrupted – and of course the more corrupted.
Also because all the information, distractions and difficulties with the things going on in this world.
So before I answered I started with this: ″Please don’t bring me into trouble and let YOUR will be done!
But then after a while in prayer I came up with an answer, saying:
″Tell the wicked leaders of this world and the devil: Let My people go!″

Then Yeshua continued speaking, saying:
And I will come down with thunder.
Most of My people are asleep.
I have to wake them up, I have to shake them up.
What is going on is still not enough.
Where shall they go when I speak as you requested?
Where shall I send them?

What, if they don’t want to go but desire to remain in Babylon?
Do you think I will force them in the way like the devil is doing?

Yes I can go beyond their free decision and will.
But remember Jonah.
He was not very happy and pleased the way I sent him to the place I needed him to be.
But no one else would have been able to bring a whole city, a whole big city into repentance (but only Jonah).

Where do YOU want to go?
Are you willing like Isaiah to say ″Here am I, send me″?
Or obedient in simplicity like Philip to go without asking?
Or in righteous obedience like Avraham without knowing where to go and leave everything behind?
See, how they all kept My commandments.

But yes, I will speak: ″Let My people go!″
And then look, what the leaders of this world will do, when I treat them like Pharaoh.

Referring scriptures:
Jonah 1:17 (1-4)
Isaiah 6:8
Acts 8:26-27
Genesis 12:1

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