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Word 2021-12-07 Break the curse with praise

Prophetic Word, given on December 7th 2021 around 5:30 in the morning.

Yes, I am going to break the curse
But you must pray – you must step into the gap.
I will not do anything if you just sit back and watch TV and news and point your finger at the wicked.

Yes I know them all, those who are wicked and I know even those that you don’t know.
I have a plan.
Go and give Me your praise.
The evil rulers want to lock you all up but I will lock all of them up.
My arm is not too short that I can’t deal with all of them in one moment.
Have you forgotten of who I Am?

Praise, praise and glory I hear from My angels but not from you.
When are you going to learn obedience?
Thousands heard Me, heard My words, My warnings, My fathers instructions.
But only 120 (of them) were ready, waiting for Me to step in.
Yes, there are a few who are expecting (the same today) but I need more – many more.
I wish all of you, all My children would wait for My whirlwind and fire to come down.

You all desire revival, a big harvest but hoping it will come by itself.
Hoping, a strong leader will suddenly rise up on the scene and take it over.
Yes, there will be a strong leader that will come – one day.
But he will not be the one who will bring the harvest.
He will come to destroy the field even down to the very soil.

It’s for you My children (from the smallest to the greatest) to bring in the harvest.
But not, if you expect it from politics.
Look at Me and forget completely about all the wars and revolutions and threats of evil ones.
I’m going to show you a way, My way, that is higher than your ways.
If you are willing to obey and keep My commandments as you love Me, I will share My secrets, My thoughts with you.

I will open the eyes of all you blind servants that you will see.
I will open your ears that you will hear.
So when you see and hear you can go an conquer like My beloved David did.
A fire you will call as EliYahu (Elijah) to burn your altar of praise that will blind all your enemies.

Part the sea, call thunder from heaven, My voice that will confuse the enemies camp and let them cause to fight against each other.
You will not see that on TV nor in the news, because they will be no more when you look up to the mountains where your help comes from.

The bridge they built to the gates of hell will collapse and all of them will drown in the ocean of (their) sin.

Not by your strength or efforts in politics but by your praise, because My spirit dwells in your praise.
Bring your praise and thanksgiving into My storehouse and prove me herein, if I will not open the floodgates of heaven and pour out My wrath upon the wicked.

Let My word be on your lips.
Stop with your traditions and teachings of men.
Stop celebrating men and their inventions.

Remember your first love, the love My early disciples had for Me.
A love in imperfect bodies.
The love you know is not the love I desire.
I desire righteousness and obedience, not sacrifice.
Obedience to what I have spoken from the very beginning without adding and removing anything.

I am coming quickly and remove your lamp if you continue to spoil your soul with lies of the wicked, as you watch them day and night.
As your thoughts are constantly focused on the evil ones.

Focus on my statutes, My commandments, My Word.
Have you forgotten and do you not recognize that I know it all?
Do you think I have forgotten you?
No, I watch careful and the remnant, My anointed ones are in My hand, under the shelter of My wings.

As soon as I have dealt with the last one (of you) I will bring you out.
Don’t say, revival is here.
You have not seen yet what I am able to do.
But I will not do anything unless I hear praises on your lips in one accord.
Stop talk about wickedness.
It will always be among you as you will always have the poor in your midst.

Let My word be on your lips so I can speak to the wicked and give them their last warning.
And this is the last plague that will come.
A plague that will not touch My children.
A plague of sin and the root of all evil.
And I will let them drown in their own sin.
Their lies will come back and fall upon them like rocks where they try to hide underneath.
Their own lies will grind them to dust.
And they will drink their own dust, that will swallow them up (from the inside), and they will be remembered no more.
Not in this world, not in My kingdom to come.

Will you praise Me or drink their lies?
I am waiting for YOU!

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(*) = figuratively

NOW… it’s up to you if you will praise the Lord or continue watching news and pointing your finger to the wicked ones.

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