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Word 2021-12-04 House built on sand will fall

Prophetic word, received on December the 4th around 5:45 in the morning

Government is locked.
The lost and they know it.
They don’t want to admit and going to fight now like an animal that is pushed back in the corner.
But I have chained them.
All you need to know is Me.

What I am going to do, you don’t know and even don’t need to know, because I would not need you.
But I will use you and put My people in place.
You will see the light falling from the sky and the children of the devil will cry.

I prepared a table before you where the enemy can’t eat from.
The fruits of righteousness the bread of life they will not eat (and even avoid) but from the cup of My indignation they will drink.
I will set My people free as I have done it before.

Praise will be on their lips.
Even while the enemy continue screaming and roaming around, trying to kill, steal and destroy.
I have put a hedge of protection around you.
The enemy cannot harm you anymore nor touch My anointed.

Globalists are together now,
joining in a bond of evil to seek counsel from hell.
Demons they call and worship before the fallen one.
Their king will offer them more money, power and wealth, and all of them stand in line before the buffet of lawlessness, hungry for wickedness.
They think this is the best meal they’ve ever had.
But no, it will be their last piece of cake.

As soon as everyone have taken their first bite, it will turn.
And the poisonous drink they cheered into their mouth…
the moment it enters their stomach, they will feel it.
Too late, too late the voice from above will say.
You signed your deal now with the blood of the man of sin.
Your power is gone, handed over.

Masses of rocks are rolling towards you.
And soon you will start trying to seek refuge in the caves, in the clefts.
But there doesn’t exist any place where you can hide.
I see you all, each one of you.
Even all those who try to place actors in front of you (pretending to be you).
Hollywood, with their long history of cloning evil people will try to cover your guilt.
You may cover your transgressions from people and the world but not from Me.

Have you not heard the prophets and the children of My light?
Over and over they begged you to look upon the cross and seek forgiveness.
But now I will turn My face against you.
See the wind, the storm is coming and it’s already here.
Still gentle but suddenly it will blow your house that is built on sand apart.
No one will cry for you.
In the dirt your plot will fall.

Pity, pity, oh pity, pity oh pity you cry.
Will I have pity with you?
No I will not shed one tear as you permanently neglected My grace and mercy.
Even as your mouth cries ″have mercy″, I will not hear you (any longer), because I see you hearts.

You only want to get back to power and control over your nation (and continue your dirty work).
You don’t seek truth and righteousness.
Two of you, yes only two.
They will receive My mercy but they will not come back to power because they don’t want to run again from My wrath.

For all the rest of you, the legion of the beast will enter the (herd of) swine.
There you will go where they (the swine) will run.
Into books of history of evil and corruption.

Referring Scripture to that word:
Psalm 23:5
Revelation 14:10
John 10:10
Matthew 7:24-27
Revelation 6:16

Let us pray that the house of the wicked that is built on sand will be tumbling down very soon.
There is still many souls that need to be saved.
The last final harvest is waiting.

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