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Word 2021-12-01 Why all of this is happening?

Prophetic word, December the first 2021 around 9:45 in the morning.
I received this word while chopping some pieces of wood for a shed to prepare for the rain in winter

So this word maybe sound somehow a bit fragmented but if you ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you
through this prophecy you might be able to put the pieces together

My son, why you wonder that everything in this world is going so crazy?
Have I not told you all before and gave warning through my servant Moshe of what will happen when you walk away from Me and worship other gods that cannot see, hear or smell?
I told you through Moshe what will happen but over and over again you ignored.

And even the children, that have called (once) upon Me, most of them riding on the same train with the world.
You can be lucky that it did not let it happen 20 years ago, as mankind was already far enough to receive the reward of wicked people.

You were asking how could it have happened, that ″Hitler″ could rose from the grave so quickly?
No, not only Hitler, but all dictators now came up together in the plot, all their ″spirits″ rose from hell.
But how can you be righteous while jumping into the pool of sin?
I can’t forgive people with an unrepentant heart.
If you have repentance on your lips, but nothing of (repentance) it in your heart, it will be worse for you as the most terrible sinner, who does not come to Me (at all).
I see all the pharisees, those who claim they are good people.
But there is no-one good, not one.
Yes, all can receive forgiveness but not many are willing to change their ways.

People in darkness behind closed doors, they all meet and plan their next step.
Their last step is right at the door.
It won’t take long and you will see it in your neighborhood.
Everywhere all over the world, you will hear the same song.
The song has the same title since the sons of Adam were on the field.

It never changed.
The only thing that changed and added were the verses.
But the refrain keeps going as always, the verses got shorter, the refrain louder.
And all hell joins now into the choir.
You have not seen yet death as your father had seen.

Get ready for the refrain is going to sound, listen just outside the door, and even in your backyard.
Don’t worry, for you is to sing to Me and with Me and with the hosts of My angels.

For My people are not yet doing what I called them to do.
(Many) Apostles sit in the merry-go-round, watching the scenes of this world, presented by the news. Occasionally they stretch out their hands and calls someone to join.
The teachers teaching teachings of teachers, fairy tale books.
Only some of them teach My truth.
Remove the dust of that ancient book and bring back and out the word to the hungry!

The prophets prophecy speculation, mixed with theories.
Shepherds, so many sitting on a beautiful comfortable sunbed or rocking chair, and enjoy watching their good sheep nearby but don’t look at the sick and those who lost the track.

Evangelists evangelize on YouTube but forget the homeless in their neighborhood.
So many (people) crying in their neighborhood to find answers and hope but the evangelists reflect on a better way how to optimize their way with technology and how to gain more subscribers (with more fancy videos).
Do you not think I am able to protect you from the Gestapo?
Let the skull and bones SS catch you and then see, what I will do with them.

Fear Me and not ″them″, for greater am I, if you let Me dwell in you as the one that is in the world.
The world falls apart, Sodom and Gomorrah was just a small taste (of it all and what will come).
Not much longer and you will see the flame of My anger upon the wicked.
And when you see it, don’t be surprised if it will look like man-made destruction.

Yes, it will be that way, as I can use just their own weapons against themselves.
Even in ancient times, when I stirred up the enemies camps, so they will start to fight against each other.

Be ready, all is coming in a speed you can’t catch up.
As technology increased in speed of insanity, the faster the speed of destruction.
Hold your breath, close your eyes, count one, two, three and it will be.

Children know the rules of parents, (and) of righteousness.
I put it all in the soul of men, and every person has this seed inside that knows of what is right and wrong.
Wicked people have locked it up (the door to righteousness).
And the longer the door is shut, the more difficult it has become to open it again (like with very rusty hinges).

For those, who threw away the key (for that door), one day, that door will be burned down when they will stand before Me as a witness against themselves.
And then…
they will know where their eternal door will lead them, and (also) know where their eternal place will be.
I never wanted anyone to go and be there, but they chose and many already finalized it.

Little children don’t have such a door.
After a few years it will start with a curtain, and then, increase, and when the hormones start to juggle back and forth, the door will be mounted.
That’s the time when ways and thoughts and decisions (for their future) will be formed.
Parents, watch their friends, warn them of evil company and encourage them to stay on the path of righteousness.

During that time period, friends form more the character of these young teens as anything else.
Your prayer, the prayer of parents are very important for Me, so I can send My angels and protect your children
from going far astray.

But where are parents today?
In the mainstream-pot?
In the woke river?
In the green Industry?
In the Hollywood boat?
In the prosperity flight?

Yes, everywhere, but not many in the place of unity and with Me.
What shall I do, if parents, wife and husband, both pray to me, but complete opposite things for their children?
Separated souls, regardless a ring on the finger or not.
How can a divided house remain standing?

Referring Scripture to that word:
Deuteronomy 28-30
Psalm 53:3/ Romans 3:2
1 Corinthians 15:33
Genesis 4:8-10 (figuratively)
1 Sam 7:3-12
Matthew 12:25/ Mark 3:25/ Luke 11:17

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