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Word 2021-11-25 Hollywood and your Children

Prophetic word, received on November 25th 2021 around 12:30 noon.

Who is Hollywood?
Did they ever made something great and good?
The mainstream media is truly bad, but Hollywood is worse.
The greatest brainwash-machine mankind ever developed and manufactured.

Their monster eat the children.
No, not in horror movies but the kids and goats programs.
From the cradle to the grave they have for every age something to deceive.
Many actors who work there have even not really a clue of what is going on there.
As like the gatekeeper of the concentration camps they just sit there, saying; oh, I only do my job.

Yes, and they enjoy it.
And do you really believe their christian focused biblical movies tell the truth?
What, if they tell you only 99% of the truth?
Do you think you can skip the 1% of lies – the subtle lies they put in there?
Do you really believe your lie-filter is strong enough to detect all the 1%?
What, if you miss 0,01% and believed it as truth?
And then… stand before Me?
Deceived with deception, even the Christian producers there, don’t know.

If you really want your children to watch a good movie, then, cast your TV out of your home
and teach them My ways, My commandments, My righteousness, My Truth.
Do you think I could not give them a movie of 100% truth?
If you, parents would teach them ″open eyes″, then, they will be able to see like Elishas Servant?
But No, they could walk like Elisha with their eyes always open.

Hollywood only blinds the mind of your children.
One wrong movie and it can cause the child decades of pain and troubles.
When one of the witches (of the Hollywood movies) jumps out of the TV into your children’s soul,
it can make you wonder, why at one point in life your child suddenly go astray.

And then?
You come to Me, crying like a little baby to help you, get your prodigal back.
Why don’t you not avoid it from the very beginning?
Oh you say, then…
my child will go to our neighbor and watch there even greater crap.
Yes I know that will happen.
But if you pray daily for your child, all the crap he watch at your neighbors home can NOT penetrate your child’s soul, because there will be no authority for the demon to stay.

But if you let them watch all the Hollywood corruption in your own home,
you have full responsibility of what it will cause to your child.
And then, if you want to set your child free (by My Spirit), you will need to get on your knees for many many hours.
If your child comes from a friends home, having watched all the diabolical, creepy drugs, then you (simply) come to Me, lift your Hands and give thanks so I will protect the child’s soul.
In this case, all demonic forces have to leave instantly in My Name.

And for yourself?
Ask Me and I will guide you the specific way how to be set free from all the demonic influence you piled up in your life, the lies you ate whenever you connected your mind (through TV or in other ways) with Hollywood.

Test and prove me herein, if I will not be faithful.
I don’t desire you to suffer from all sinful actions and infiltration’s.
Come to Me!
My love will set you free.
And flee from temptation, from all evil, so the devil will not be able to come after you and take you out before the time that I set for you.

I have so much blessings that I want to pour out upon you as I preserved the best wine for last.
And the day will come, when we will drink the non toxic real wine together.
My wedding is prepared.
I am really looking forward to meet you all here where I am.
The place is prepared, the place of eternal Shalom, the green pastures without thorns and thistles and weeds.
Living water to drink and the tree of life.

A life that is eternal.
Come I have prepared the home and the way for you.
A home beyond your imagination.

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