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Word 2021-11-23 Day Hour and a warning to Israel

Prophetic word, given on November 23rd at 4:30 in the morning

I finished sleeping and then went to the kitchen for breakfast.
It started with these words that came forth out of my mouth:

″No one knows the day and the hour″ (Mt. 24:26/ Mk.13:32)
then some thoughts came to me:
But the Father in Heaven knows and what about…
if we ask Him?

So I asked because He said: Ask me whatever (John 15:16/ John 16:23)
So I asked the Father and this is how he continued.

Yes, I know.
I will send My son when it’s time.
You will see Him.
He will come when no one expects it.
And He will come in a way where many don’t know and will not believe.
You have all been so much deceived.

Jonah has been waiting for the destruction of Niniveh…
What happened?
Will you be as frustrated as he was if I will not send My Son this year or even not next year?

Lot was waiting in hope, that he could continue to stay and remain in the valley of disgust.
But I had to take him out by force (as I could not find enough righteous there), but the people of Niniveh repented.

How many righteous are in this world?
How many are there who truly repent?
If you have the number, then come back to Me and I will tell you the day and the hour when I will send My son.

Do you know, how many pastors and preachers are truly righteous or just whitewashed tombs?
Do you know if one of the drug dealers, prostitutes or any of the other criminals (even) in your neighborhood have a repentant heart?
If you give me the answer, I will tell you when I will send My son, even to the second.

There are such amazing things happening in this world where My prophets of old in ancient times would have desired to see.
And you are worried about man made troubles, sitting in the same circus?
Am I not able to keep you safe in the burning furnace and keep you safe even in midst of all tribulation?

Yes, the return of the Lion of the tribe of Yehuda is very near.
But you My people have still some work to do.
Not by might, nor by power but my My Spirit.
Signs and miracles you have not seen yet.
But I have hardly heard your prayer and the preaching of My Word.
A little flash here, a tiny spark there, but not the real firework.

Unlike your boring new year eve sparkling I want you to shine and be truly on fire.
A real fire, that drives your enemy, the devil and his dominions (back) into his deep bunkers.
Unity I miss of you, My people.

And oh, My children Israel, where did you go, how far you went astray.
As a light and a holy people above all nations I have called you, but you became the head of the serpent, the forerunner of evil.

Shall I disperse you again?
As you where whoring after other gods and Babylon, shall I send you again into captivity?
You ate so much bread together with the wicked, their disgusting meat is still in your mouth.
You called upon a plague instead My Holy Name.
Now you will see what will come out of your nostrils.

I lifted up My Yeshua for you as Moshe lifted up the Saraf.
The Children of Israel in the wilderness in their distress looked upon their salvation and the Saraf – and got healed.
But what are you doing today?

You watch the news, the liars and follow the father of it.
You look upon and desire a strong leader that will rescue you.
You said: Oh Shaul is a handsome man and you bow down even before Nebuchadnezzar and Goliath.
Did not little David mocked him?
Yes, he could, because he knew who he was in Me!
And he also knew that I also laugh over them.

Who is men that they can stand before Me and tell me what to do?
And now you run even after Nimrod begging him please let us help you to build the tower.
Have you not learned anything from this stupidity?

In your synagogues you come together week after week, reciting all these things, yet do exactly the opposite of what you are called to do.
You will feel what your human designed defense system will do, when your enemies will come against you
the next time.
And they will come against and you will be like the people of Shechem when they have been in their weakest moment.

No, your enemy will not be able to defeat you all.
There are still enough, a few truly righteous people in the land and for their sake
I will not give your land into the enemies hand.
But the blood will cry.
If you would all cry to Me and humble yourself and turn from your wicked ways, I will restore you and heal your land.

Remove all evil from your midst.
Not like My people Israel did after they crossed the Yarden.
And then thought…
oh, we keep some of the beautiful sexy girls for our fleshly desire – as our wives.
Shall I give you another chance to remove ALL evil from your land?
How many will be left then?
Or will you allow them again to lead you away from Me to fornicate after other gods that cannot speak, smell, see and hear?

Yes you will, but a faithful holy remnant will be unspoiled like Noach.
The flood with fire and brimstone is coming soon if you don’t turn from your crooked ways NOW!

When shall I send My son?
In the middle of it all?
Or shall I keep Him here and let you go astray and forget about you?
How can I forget you?

Do you like to run another hundred or thousand years around in madness like zombies and create one after the other ″hero″ like Frankenstein?
A flood is coming upon the wicked.
A flood of diseases, a flood of fear, a flood of judgment, a flood of Glory that will cause even greater fear (to the wicked).

Yes, My Spirit will move.
But not in ways you think and designed in man-made buildings to support a few (individuals) who take advantage of the moment.
I will move to places you have forgotten.
The widows tiny kitchen, the orphans lonely bedrooms, the farmers in their cleared barns, in the children’s playgrounds, in the streets in midst the slums, in hospitals, where I will remove their wealth and all the sick who are crying to Me.

And when you see all these things taking place from where My son and My prophets have spoken…
Then, lift your eyes upon the heavens for this will be the hour when I will send My son, Yeshua HaMashiach.

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Deuteronomy 7:6 // 14:2
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Numbers 21:8+9 / John 3:14
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2 Chronicles 7:14

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