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Word 2021-11-22 Come out of the circus

Prophetic Word, given November 22nd 2021 around 9pm

You think you are under the 300 with Gideon?
But then you dance in the political arena?
There is no politics – this is a circus of eccentric egoistic pedophiles, first class money grabbers.

Where are your prayers My people?
I can’t hear you anymore!
You want to fly but try (to do it) out of your own strength.
You can only fly with Me!
As soon as you leave the ″party″ to join My flight, you will be able to see like an eagle
Then you will see the political arena from above, from My perspective.

As long as you sit in the tent, all you see are some people beside and in front of you.
But you may not take much notice of them.
Your focus is on the clown, the artists and the animals.
Oh, I see how much you enjoy it an laugh.
But you don’t see how fooled you are.

Who is behind the mask of the clown?
What is he and the other actors doing behind the curtain?
You want to know?

Then… get up from your seat and come to Me.
But I paid a high entry fee to join the circus you say.
Is this all you are worried about?
Have you forgotten the price I paid?

Yes, I know the price you paid to enter the circus.
Originally was not intended such a high price, but by sin it was created and increase constantly.
But unless you get out of it, you can not come to Me.

And on the way to Me, even before you start flying, I have to prune and refine you.
Or else if you see what these clowns and the actors are doing behind the closed curtains, it will cause you a shock, where you will never be able to recover anymore.
You know the price of pruning and refining.
The process is very hard.
Its painful suffering for healing.
The deep suffering will cause deep healing.

I know, most people don’t like that.
They rather enjoy watching the circus and theater of vanity.
There is no shortcut for healing the depths of sin and misery.
(Which doesn’t mean this could not be in an instant)

Generations have passed by, (people) coming in and out of the circus.
But not many, who had the courage to stand up (in the middle of the show) and walk out, while all the crowd hold their breath, awaiting a spectacular stunt (the most quiet moment).
If there would be enough people standing up and walk out, the director would become very nervous.

But since there are only a very few, he just sits in his VIP lounge and laughs at all the people who paid the overpriced entry fee.
The longer they sit and just watch, the more the fee’s are rolling into the pocked of the director.

Who is the director?
Are you interested to know that?
Surely you are!
Stand up from your seat (there in the circus) and come to Me.
I will show you (from above) who he is…
and we can laugh together at him.

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