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Word 2021-11-19 Human History vs. Gods History

Prophetic word received November the 19th 2021 around 7:30 during worship.

Men write history books, then they twist and turn and manipulate almost everything.
you teach children in school all these lies and nonsense.
You want also to manipulate My Story.
Over decades, centuries you came up with more and more, you say, modernized versions.
All you do in your rage and hatred against Me is, trying to make My word illicit.

But No!
My Word can’t be changed the way you change your words in order to benefit your purpose of evil.
My Words can’t be changed – Never forever, even not a single word (not one letter).

Your history books claim, Hitler committed suicide.
But yes and no.
No, he did not commit suicide in the bunker you try to teach the innocent children…
But Yes, he committed eternal suicide.

And you oh wicked leaders, you try to save your life?!
You are building deep bunkers, thinking, you can escape My Hand.
Oh, you fools!
Only the blood that I poured out can save you.
But forgiveness (and repentance) you don’t know.
Today you kill your (own) people that you are actually called to serve and protect…
but tomorrow you will stand before Me.

There you will be with empty hands, as your bribery will not follow you before My throne.
Do you not know where I will send you?
Yes you know and heard it, but you ignore.
I know your hearts and can’t look at them much longer.

I am going to close the door for repentance (for you).
Except a few, all of you will be in history books on the same page.
I am about to finish writing you in My History book.
On the same page together with Pharaoh, King Shaul, Yehuda Iscariot, Herod and many others equal to them, there…
I will write your names.

Some of you I have already signed in there.
And remember:
My History is the only History that is true.
But even if you would burn all books (bibles/ scriptures), you are not able to erase My Word of truth.
You’ve tried it with the crusades and now with the stupid ″Artificial Intelligence″ which is literally ″Absolute Idiocy″.
There is nothing artificial (that exists), it’s the power and inspiration from Hell.
Demonic entities who brought it up.
But the day will come when I will send them after you.

Too late, too late one day I will say to you.
Pilate thought he could wash the blood off his hands using human (earthly) liquid.
I gave him (plenty) of time to repent but he decided to stay on the road into destruction.
There in burning liquid is his place forever (between the worms and fire).

And if you, oh servants of Jezebel, Moloch and Baal don’t repent NOW, your last days will be numbered (very soon).

You think you have years?
Not even one more year.
Some of you even only a few weeks.
Your desire is only to drive as many as possible into death and suicide to think: then we can rule and reign forever.
But you are blind by greed that you don’t see your own suicide.
Yet your suicide will be eternal! (like Hitler’s)

There you may remember the screams of all the children you murdered in your ear.
But no, your own screaming will be so loud, that you will not hear anything else.
It’s the screaming of pain and agony.

(And definitely) you will not hear My loving voice, nor the joyful laughter of the babies you have killed.
They will be with Me in a place where there is no pain nor suffering – never ever.
And all wicked people like you can’t touch and abuse them anymore.
Only Joy, love and peace in holiness will be, there, where I Am.

Note: as always, ask the Holy Spirit for more guidance in every prophecy.
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