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Word 2021-11-18 Dominoes will fall… soon

Prophetic word, received on November 2021 the 18th at 11:50pm.

The word came late evening, I almost fell asleep while writing

My son, you are going to see things you have never seen before.
Days will be shortened, nights darkened and lives taken away.
But you My sons and daughters shall shine.
I have prepared you for a time like this.
Not many, very few will be left behind as the remnant.

Look at the dominoes, how they all are lined up.
The evil ones with all their agendas waiting like in some countries in certain times and seasons in front of a bakery to get their (one) loaf of bread.
Hours they are waiting in line, standing there…
But the bread they eat (they get) is not the bread of life.

One day soon, very soon, someone will come at the end, at the very end of the line and push that person who stands there – just at the very end.
As they are all only looking forward to get their tasteless bread of success and fame (the agenda-bread), they don’t realize the dominoes from behind falling quickly one after the other.

So they are standing on muddy ground they all think, with their white suits, that can cover their bloodshed,
murder and guilt.
Once they will drop on the muddy wet ground and the dirt will cover them all from top to bottom.
But that mud will look like almost perfect clean, compared to the filth of their hearts.
And they will not be able anymore to cover their shame.

In hidden chambers they play with the (stolen) young children games, that are even not appropriate for adults.
I paid the price even for such (horrible) sin, but almost all of them reject My offer.
No, they even hate me for that – and for no reason.
They think they have the rights to do this because of their (high) position, as they think also they are something, someone very special.

Who are they?
Too many to count.
There are even thousands in this little country where you (currently) live.
At/in the UN I found altogether only 3 righteous people.
Not all (the others) join their demonic rituals but like in Sodom and Gomorrah they play the same song.
Pentagon: a few more, yet all of them in positions at the lowest end.
China, their political party?
None, not even one who is righteous.
They go to church?
Yes, many of these leaders in many nations run into buildings made of stone and iron and clay.
But that does not mean that they know me, nor that I know them.
But for you… wait and see how I will remove them.

Note: as always, ask the Holy Spirit for more guidance in every prophecy.
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Matthew 24:22, Mark 13:20
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Isaiah 1:9

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