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Word 2021-11-13 Not much longer? Children reign

Prophetic word, given November 13th 2021 around 10pm

It came some time after that electricity shortcut of some main wires just 2 blocks away.

Do you think all of this will continue much longer?
Then you err.
You heard the ″fireworks″ a little while ago?
Yes, some people will ended up in darkness.
And you were only wondering why the internet suddenly went off – after you have been waiting
for a minute wondering why the website did not load.
(Then I realized it was not a typical tourist-area firework…)
So, do you know how easy it is for Me to shut down everything
with a couple of (My) sparks?
And yes, I will do it one day.
Not now because I still need to re-arrange My people and re-position some of them.
Some are still be found in the wrong location.
But I will move all of them!

And truly, men would not need Me to intervene.
They are stupid (and evil) enough
to shoot themselves in the foot.

Small children and toddlers would
not do such nonsense to destroy each other.
They would play with each other.
Yes, they quarrel from time to time but the next day they will play again with each other and hug them as their best friends.

It used to be that men gained wisdom with the age (when getting older).
But those who fear Me are hard to find.
Those who truly fear Me will never lack of any wisdom.
But the rulers of this world are just fools.
In wickedness they steal, lie, kill and destroy as does their father.

You hate him (the devil), they love him as he supposedly
gives them power, wealth, fame and all kind of promises, even beyond their human lives.

But the flower wither and the grass fades away, so they will be thrown into the fire.
There they will play with the worms that never dies and then (little) children will rule and reign with Me.

The fear of YHWH is the beginning of wisdom (Psalms 111:10/ Proverbs 9:10)

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