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Word 2021-11-09 Egypt last plague and the Reaper

Word 2021-11-09 23:00

Prophetic word, November the 9th 2021 very late evening around 11pm
The word came like a flash after I have blown the Shofar and then started to pray with my staff

The plagues of Egypt.
The death of the firstborn, when they start to give the poison (what the Elite has named vaccine) to the children.
When this starts, then look up to your redeemer.
Get ready for your exodus when you see this happen.

Make sure you have the blood of the lamb (Yeshua) on your doorposts (and lintel).
On the doorposts of your heart and on the doorposts of your home.
There will be crying and wailing in many homes but I will protect you if you keep My commandments, the instructions I gave My children Israel.
The angel of death will pass by (if you do so).

You will not hear the cries from Egypt only but from all over the world.
A shaking will occur that will wake many up from their deep deep sleep.
On that day I will close the door for Pharaoh to repent.
And as there are many Pharaohs now in this world, they all, from the greatest to the smallest will drown in their own wickedness.

The harvest is ready the laborers still are few.
Who will go, whom can I send?
Is there anyone who does not look for their own life but for the many lives, the souls who are hungry for righteousness, for My Word?
Go, and I will give you wings, if you just step out of the boat of your comfort.

This is the last and final call.
If you are not willing and ready now, I will not ask you again anymore.
The slums shall prosper more than you can imagine.
Yes, the slums will remain slums in the maps of men.
But My Spirit will fill them with gold from heaven.
Precious souls will dance in the streets and declare the mighty works of Elohim (of My Hand).
The food they shall share and multiply.
Diseases shall be erased and no birth shall fail.
Who is willing to go and bring My Glory to these places?

Is there anyone who say again: ″Here am I, send me!″?
You need more time?
Can I not make two days out of one?
Am I not able to move you beyond time?

Mankind dreamed to travel in a time machine.
But fooled by human knowledge, brains of slavery, chains of hell around their neck, all of this brings them nowhere.

Come to Me, and I will show you how to walk in righteous time.
I can move you anywhere in time and space but you would not survive.
But this I have for you, the signs and miracles that comes with My Word in Spirit and in Truth.
Stand still, be still and move not – out of your own strength.
I will move you when it’s time to move.
And that move will come quickly and soon in time.

Arduous thinking has passed.
I am doing a new thing.
Gone is (will be) desperation, gone be fear.
Tribulation will come when its fruit is ripe.
War will come before, rumors, revolutions, troubles and the Beast.

Wait, wait, just wait and see.
Nothing will be the same, nothing that can be shaken will remain, but the unshakable will shine.