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Word 2021-11-02 Babylon Jezebel, time is up

Prophetic word, received on November 02. around 10:30pm during prayer time
… could be an hour sooner or later – have not looked upon a clock.

One moment will come, when they will run.
They will run and hide.
But there is no place where anyone can hide from Me.
I will bring them (the wicked) down
and you My righteous up.
Follow Not the path of wickedness
as it will lead to eternal death.
Death beyond the grave (here on earth) is the real death.

There, where the worm will never die
and the people (who end up there) will cry.
The fire, tormenting flames will burn forever.
A place without My light
is much darker than you can imagine.
Wicked people, foolish from the core.
The day is near when they will try to hide.

Oh Babylon, prepare (yourself) for your time is almost up.
One more step and you will fall into the pit you dug.
Jezebel will come right after you
and once again the dogs will lick her blood.

Frankfurt, Dublin, Bonn, Chicago, Tokyo, Abuja, Mexico city, London, Moscow, Madrid, Rome,
what do they have in common
is nothing you need to know for now.

As for you My Child… what is left to say?
The only thing for you is to pray –
be still and watch My Power, My Hand is moving.