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Word 2021-10-29 Glory, darkness and petition

Prophetic word, received on October the 29th 2021, Erev Shabat during worship.
First sentence came actually on 7:45pm the rest came on 8:20pm.

The Glory of the Righteous will shine!

But your time has not yet come.
When it’s dark as dark as it can be.
Pitch black is very bright to how darkness can be.
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it coming?
From the east and the west and the north and the south, from all 4 corners of the earth.

You know what slick slime is?
The enemy is pouring it out all over the world.
But he made a little mistake that will turn into a big mistake.
The scientists, the great ones will become the big illusionists.
They are so much involved as activists of evil and wickedness.
The slime will start to stick and cloak under their feet.

They measured their ingredients with theories, sorceries and witchcraft.
But they did not seek Me for counsel (My measurements).
In their hands, their crafty creation will explode and mutate into a green monster that will eat them up.
The devil was here when I created the world but he does not understand My wisdom (at all).
In his fury, he was spinning his own ideas and presented them to the world as scientific truth.

The sun the moon and the stars obey My voice.
Men wanted to travel to the moon.
But they will never be able to go there as they don’t obey My voice.
I could send you there in an instant.
You would not need an astronauts costume from Hollywood to walk on the moon.

Joshua commanded Sun and Moon.
Why (then) you think it will be difficult to go and walk there (on the moon)?
Start to walk on water.
Trust Me that I will be able to enable you with it.
I spoke to Shimon Kaypha (Peter) and he made it.
He failed somehow, yes, but after I filled him with My Ruach (Holy Spirit) he did well.

Why do you resist so much My Ruach?
Are you afraid to walk on the moon?
Because you believe(d) science and the lies of the devil.
How much longer do I have to repeat it?
Obey My commandments and trust Me for the impossible.

Write down (on paper) where you want to start [one thing].
Pin it over your desk, over your bed and bring it before Me.

You want to empty hospitals?
Don’t worry about all the doctors and care workers, if they have (afterwards) nothing more to do.
Do you think they are better in healing the people than Me?
Many (of them) are killing even more than they heal because they follow money and science.
Let them know who truly heals!

You want to empty prisons, bring criminals on the path of righteousness…
Bring your petition before Me.

You want to become a millionaire or even a billionaire?
Don’t ask Me, I don’t know what this is.
Go ahead and multiply, tomorrow your breakfast.
A pure and clean breakfast I will see (and look upon).
Rubbish and uncleanness belongs to the rubbish bin.

You just want to worship and be with Me?
Put on the armor of righteousness and invite the Spirit and Truth to worship with you.
I am looking forward to hear your worship.
You ask for the gift of great singing (with a marvelous voice)?
Do you not know that (the) Spirit and Truth is enough?
I designed your voice as it is.
If you ask for another voice, I can’t hear you because it will be… NOT you!

You want your family to get saved?
Don’t forget to write their names when you sign your petition.
Your family, brothers and sisters are many!

″Glory to the King, He reigns″, will be on your lips.

Don’t be surprised when I will hear (and answer) your requests.
But also be ready to suffer when it’s time to walk on an unknown path.
You know the price I paid.
You don’t have to pay the same because you can’t.
But some have to suffer more than they would have desired.
So I ask you to calculate thoroughly the cost when you bring your petition before Me.

In all of this remember: the reward is waiting after you finished your race (successfully).
Some (most) will stumble on their walk every now and then..
But if they don’t walk away from the narrow path of righteousness, I will pick them up, regardless of how often they stumble, fall or fail.
On that road there is no limit of failing in obedience but a limit in turning around
(and walk away) in disobedience.

You have My Word as a guideline.
But make sure that no one steals My Word out of your heart.

Glory in midst of darkness.

The day will come when buying and selling will not be important anymore for My servants.
Not like Israel walking 40 years in the wilderness but a better, higher way I have for you.
You will not lack anything, Not One tiny little thing.
Just hold My Hand and I will show you the treasures that are beyond your imaginations.
More than gold and silver and all the earthly wealth.
When even one single soul has more value than all the riches of this world…

How can you doubt when I gave life to each and every soul?
Wait in your chamber, wait on your knees.
I am not too late.
Not a single thing is out of (My) control.
The devil is not be able to disturb My eternal plan, even not to the smallest tiny grain of dust that falls to the ground.
For too many people (those who should actually know better, but believe the lies) it looks like the devil (for them) is on the way to total victory.

Do you not hear of how much I laugh when I watch him running around like a mad drunken fool?

Many people already have asked the sorcerer to help (them) like King Shaul (Saul) did.
You know his end, right?
The end of not trusting in Me.
That very day he lost his authority over the kingdom, though it took many years until it got manifested.
Yet (also) he changed at the very moment (in his personality).
So (in this season) many people have not been waiting for Me (to intervene).
It won’t take that long (in this season now) as in the days back of King Shaul.

Time is short and I will return soon for My Bride.
Wait for the darkness to increase, so, when everything is pitch black the (one who comes like a) thief (in the night) can come.

Who will see him?
The watchmen on the walls, and the wise virgins!
Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will see and hear even in deepest darkness and most distracting noises (as like standing beside a departing airplane).
The blind will not see even the brightest light right in front of their eyes.
The deaf only hear the noise of the lies of this world.

Be ready.