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Word 2021-10-27 The depths of hearts

Prophetic word, received on October the 27th at 4:45 in the morning.

My breakings, My shakings…
I’m gonna rattle the earth.
I will break the arm of the wicked.
How can that be, when they are the ones who cause all the shaking?
Yes they cause with their diabolic weapons (and technology) most the disasters.
But that’s their choice.

I let it happen for you to see the depths of evil.
Down to the belly of the earth they pull out all the resources of their wicked deeds.
(But) you have not yet seen My power.

Did I not create the heavens and the earth?
What is men that he tries to compete with Me?
They try to create islands to appear or to disappear, they try to let it rain and flood the earth.
They try to let it snow.
They try to let it quake and tremble.

But the day will come when they (themselves) will tremble (as the devil trembles).
(It will be) a trembling from the inside out and the outside in.
Their underground machinery is going to explode.

What is in the hearts of men?
Can you look inside?
With all technology?
Why has men never managed to accomplish that?

They know how to manipulate brains, bones, skins and even the DNA,
(my handwriting in a persons life), but have not the slightest clue how to see whats in the hearts.

Because their greed made them completely blind.
They only research of/for their own interests – to feed their pride.
So they are not able to see where (their own) pride comes from.

It’s deep, way deeper.
The models they create of the earth with a burning core, what is it?
Have you ever compared it to the depths of your heart?
Walk from the east to the west, around their earth.
Will you ever reach the end of/on a ball?
In the same way you will never be able to reach the depths of the heart.
Listen to My word and you will find it.
I will show you the mysteries of human hearts if you trust and obey Me.

Did I not create it all?
Walk with Me to the depths of the sea.
I will show you what I placed there.
You say: But we can’t go there…
Did I not split the waters for My children Israel to cross the sea?
Are you one of those who were scared of the enemy and the ones who wanted to go back to slavery?
Many, yes, many (people) today decided to go back.
They wanted to continue to travel the way they have been taught (deceived).
All in the power of men, like slaves pulling the oars deep down in the ship of profit and illusion.

(Only) a few knew how to travel forward into the promised land by the Power of the Ruach (Spirit).
Nothing could stop them.
Even not tiny little Pharaoh.
And what are these leaders today?
Stupid little Pharaohs who think they are higher than Me.
Lucifer, yes, wanted to be higher than Me, but I showed him the place where he will be in all eternity.
And he trembles at My Word.

Wicked people of this world (who act) as ″mis-leaders″, have no fear (of Me) in them.
With all their bribery in their hands they think they can control all the hearts of men.
Every single orange has more brain as they (these leaders) all together.
An orange knows exactly how to grow and become mature and give itself (it’s own life) to please the hearts of men.
But these foolish leaders don’t know how to become mature, playing constantly in the sand-box of sin for their own pleasure.
Yes, they try to please men, but only the ones from where they can benefit from to fill their empty hearts of bloody thirsty sin.
No brain, no gain.

They want to gain the world but in their depraved stupid mind they don’t understand they lose their lives.
Yes many of them already lost their lives, even as their bodies are still walking and talking here on this earth.
Can they not be saved anymore (you may ask)?
Many NOT!
They went already as Pharaoh
over the tipping point for salvation.

Oh yes, many (Christians) are still praying for them so they might find life.
(But) pray for laborers that I can send them into the harvest instead wasting your time to pray for people who rejected Me (from an unrepentant heart).

The highways and byways, the hedges and wedges are waiting for them to come to lead them to the path into righteousness.
Flooding of desperate people.
Streets filled with joy, the joy of My salvation.
The light that will empty the prostitution homes, the homeless homes and fill the hearts.
Cleansing from deep within.

Abused children, I hear their cries.
Police, lawyers, politicians, many social workers ignore them, but I hear them all.
And I want you to pray for these precious souls.
Oppressed before they were born, unwanted, rejected (the same way) as I was rejected .
But I want to turn it around, that they can grow and become mature – and can be a blessing to many.

But time is short and you will come soon, many people claim.
What is time?
Do you not know that time is in My hand?
Yes, I am coming, even sooner than many would expect.
But how long will it need for these people to grow and become mature?
Was Jonah not under a bush that grew in a day and the other day it withered?
Did I not create everything (you see) in 6 days?
And you speak about time?

Yes, the time for the wicked will come to an end.
A very short fraction of time I let them continue their game to let the world see what they don’t see:
The depths of wickedness and greed, the hearts of wicked fools who wants to play Me.
They will tremble when the horse they saddled will start to run.
And I will wrap them up.
All at once in a twinkling of an eye.

Rejoice My bride, your adornment is coming to you.
Let your light shine, the light I put deep in your heart.

Open will be the gates of heaven for you.
There is only one gate to hell but many gates to heaven.
There are many ways that head to hell but only One way that leads t o heaven.
Many, too many follow the money that lies on the wide road that leads to destruction.
But only a few pick up the dry leaves of suffering up from the ground on the narrow path that leads to life.
One choice two ways.
Don’t miss the boat, the doors are closing.