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Word 2021-10-24 When the King says Amen…

Prophetic word, given October the 24th around 9pm

When the King (of Kings) says Amen, what do you say?
Will you just repeat Amen as (you) people are used to do in churches?
Or will you say, because the King says it, so it might be right.
Do you not want to know the content before the Amen, instead blindly (and lightly) repeat it…
your agreement to whatever the King wants to do?

What if he says; tomorrow you will be persecuted?
What if He allows the wicked to gain more room to oppress you?
What, if He takes His bride out and let you know, that you will not go together with Her?
What, if He wants so give you a tremendous amount of gold and silver, piles upon piles but (only) for the reason to give it all and everything to the poor – and even more of all what you (already) have?

Will you still answer Amen, or will you start to bargain and discuss?

Come and meet Me in your chamber, lock the door and be still.
Do you hear My voice?
Go out into the woods and walk with Me.
Can you see (and feel) Me?
Can you see what I have done?

Who paints the leaves every year (at fall) in a different color?
Aaah, that’s a biological process all the people shout!
Come back to Me when you have found the truth.
After fall, when the leaves are falling, who plucks them off the branches?
Oooh… again the same answer about biology and theory.

Do you not believe that it is I who paints all the leaves and after them I pluck them off and cause them to fall to the ground?
If you don’t believe that My hand is doing this, how will you believe that giants can fall by My hand?

You say amen to all kinds of rubbish and erroneous teachings.
From schoolbooks to bible teachings of men and all the rest along your life.
But when it comes to My words, My mighty hand and outstretched arm, you are quiet!

Look at the birds how they fly.
No, because I have spoken and made them to fly.
The fish in the sea, I let them breathe (where you can’t but will drown).
I said that they shall fill the waters.

You are waiting for big miracles (to happen) but don’t believe in the smallest most simple things.
Without My Word, no leaves would be on the trees.
Without My command, no birds would fly, no fish swim and you…?

Can a fish swim without water?
Can a tree grow without soil?
Can a bird fly without wings?
If I would command them, they could do that!
(But) can you live without Me?

You want to cross the ocean without a boat.
(Then) learn how to walk on water by trusting and obeying My Word.
You want to fly without wings?
Learn to seek My kingdom first and ask for wisdom… then… you will fly.
I can carry you on eagles wings or give you wings to fly.
Wings of worship in Spirit and in Truth.

Ouugh, that’s just spiritual, it’s flying/soaring in the Spirit you say.
And look, this is exactly where you don’t know My power.
Did not five hundred saw Me ascending, flying up to the sky?
(How many believed it?)
Have I not told you, you would do greater things because I went to My Father?

Why do you doubt oh you of little faith.
Ask and it will be given to you.
My arm is not too short to give you wings, whether you see them physically or not.

Moshe and Avraham always bargained with Me because they trusted Me, that I am able to do even more and beyond (what I told them).
They did not just say amen and (then) carried on their daily duty.
They knew Me and therefore did not doubt (as did many others).

They knew who cause the leaves to fall to the ground.
So they trusted Me that I will be able to cause the giants to fall.

What are you gonna do?
What and whom do you trust?
Lawyers, Politicians, Experts…?
You will be fooled if you trust in men.
Yes, they can do ″something″ in their own ability and little strength.
But this is like a dimming candle compared to the sun.
And My hand and arm is even much brighter (than the sun).