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Word 2021-10-21 Lies of treasure and pleasure

Prophetic word, received on October 21st 2021 around 2pm while swimming in the ocean.

Wicked people define the greatest treasure in/is human pleasure.
They have propagandized it via Hollywood and Media.
Sadly too many people agree with that lie and fell into the trap.
The only pleasure they see is the pleasure of flesh, lust, sin, and death.
They never see their neighbor as valuable, if they can join the pleasure (while they get abused).
Selfishness, greed, me, me, me and more of me is all they know.

They think they are clever, they think they can hide the babies (they murdered) in sorcery, in their poison medications.
In vaccines?
Yes, but not only there, also in many other medications, and a lot in food, even in water.
Liquefied babies and little children, after they abused them to death.

But No, I see them all!
Every soul from the moment of conception I call it a living beloved precious treasure.

When will this stop?
When I return in Might and Power.
But before it (my return) I will put fear into everyone who will touch the unborn, those in the mothers womb.
Sleepless nights I will give them and then see, if they turn from their wicked ways and ask for forgiveness.

But only once.
If they go back to their fornication and prostitution and murder another baby, I will not forgive them anymore.
You ask, where is My grace?
I AM Grace but I am also just and righteous.
How many times you want to teach a dog not to return to his vomit?

Day and night I am searching for faithful hearts, scanning all the earth, back and forth.
Oh how cold the love has grown, and how much the light has been dimmed.
My people, all over the world are so entangled with politics and all the tyrannical movements.

How often do I need to tell you, be still and know that I am YHWH (God)!
Your time will come but not when you look to (or at) the world and watch TV.
They Tell their Vision…
I have My Vision for you.

Don’t think it’s the end.
I still have many options – and surprises to come.
You tried many times but how far did you go?

Do you like to call fire from heaven like Eliyahu (Elijah)?
Do you think, Daniel in the lions den was afraid?
No, not a tiny fraction of fear was found in him.
He, both knew Me!
Do You know Me?

Pray without ceasing and meditate on My Words.
Chew it like a cow the grass.
Obey My commandments and stay away from lust.
Don’t copy the world, neither in your inside, nor in your outside, nor in your words, nor in your deeds.

Let me carry you when you can’t walk anymore.
At the end you will see My footprints in the sand (alone).

My Word is ready to go forth from Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) again to Yehuda over Samaria to all the 4 corners of the earth.
I will bring it forth – you would say in warp speed.
But No, (it will be) the speed that will crush the seed of evil.

The harvest is ready, out of season.
Yes, out of season for a reason – for the reason to glorify My Holy Name Yeshua HaMashiach.
The only Name, that will stand forever and ever, Amen.