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Word 2021-10-20 Covid ship sinks, Ruach outpouring

Prophetic Word, given on October the 20th 2021 at 6:10am

The Covid ship is sinking!
It has been stinking, from before it’s very beginning.
The Titanic had just a very minor incident compared to what Covid will have.

Look at the ice.
The captain of the Titanic, proud (deceived) about the supposed strength of the ship did not move his mind (nor the ship).
So the Covid captains with all their thousands of officers and the Media Orchestra (playing the same song over and over).
They think, they can just crush the ice.
But No, this Winter they will face their destruction as the iceberg grows.

They know that their ship will not be able to crush My rock that I set between (in-midst) of the ice.
But in their ignorant pride they will continue to follow the mainstream liar, the father of them.
They still run their celebrations in their underground bunkers, and dance around the golden calf.
They will continue drink the blood in their (satanic) rituals – until the blood will dry in their mouths.
They will fight against each other to get the last drop of blood.
But they will not accept My blood, that I poured out for their forgiveness.
I will hand them over to their destruction, to a depraved mind.

Flee My people, flee to Me and I will give you rest.
You have been hunted for such a long time.
Now is the time to rejoice as the day of your redemption drew nigh.

Keep watching as there are wolfs in sheep’s clothing in your midst.
Their days will be numbered together with the wicked if they don’t repent and return.

Listen to My voice.
I am ready to pour out My Ruach (Holy Spirit) upon all flesh.
Nations will stand before Me.
Nations you would not have been expecting.
Catholics, Muslims, Indigenous, Buddhists, Hinduists.
And where are the Christians you may ask?
There is not such a thing as a Christian country/ nation.
They are labeled as such, but I don’t dwell in buildings (made by man), nor have I ever desired to live there.
I live in the hearts of men.
Not (too) many who are running into these buildings are running to Me.
They hide their true identity behind the wall of religion and institutions.

But look, how many of them sticking with addictions like pornography, smoking, alcohol-excess, violence against wife and husband, unbelief, theft, lust, murder, blasphemy and hate against their brothers?
I can’t list all the things, or else you would be writing (constantly) for days.

When they come back to Me (then) I will heal them and reveal Myself to them as My Ruach (Spirit) is a Spirit of Holiness.

Give Me your heart and I will give you life.
My Jewish People, My People Israel will be the last but then…
they will be the first.
They will sit in first class while those who reject Me will be left behind when I’ll take My Spirit out.
The lights will dim and nothing but darkness will remain.

The ship?
Where will be the ship then?
Down, deep down at the bottomless pit, away from any ice, but in midst fire brimstone and sulfur.
There the shipwreck will be together with their sailors (the crew).
Each one of them (will be there) except the very few who jumped from board before the ship hit the ice.