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Word 2021-10-19 Stock Market crash, Ice and Xmas

Prophetic word, received on October 19th 2021 at 7:25 after shower as I started with my prayer time.
After a short pause around 8:30 I received a few more words…

My son, My daughter, My people, (why) you worry so much about tomorrow and mourn so much about yesterday? (future and past).
But you forget to look upon Me today and give praise and righteous offerings on/to My altar of Grace.

I see you, I hear you and I have My ways that are not your ways.
Do you think I am not able to deal with the wicked?
Avraham didn’t worry, even when I told him to sacrifice his own son of promise.
He was obedient and did not ask nor question My words.

I will move you when it’s time to move, and it won’t be long from now.
(Or) will you try to survive on your own in a simple tent during wintertime?
No, I will bring righteousness and justice even under deep deep ice.

Peoples hearts have been growing cold.
The earth responds to the hearts of men.
People may come against you, they may mock you or some might persecute you.
But My mantle will keep you warm in all the arctic icy breath and the freezing words.
The sun, My Son shines over you.
I will bring you home.

Globalists are playing a game, you know that.
But I will shake and interrupt their game and confuse their minds.
I will let them play against each other.
Betrayers over betrayers.

To Me?
Will the ones of them who are betrayed come to Me?
That’s an illusion to think they (the globalists) will come in masses and ask (Me) for forgiveness.
When they get betrayed, they will instead point their fingers to Me (and you) instead of their evil companions.

When the stock market will drop
it will go through the ceiling.
But not the ceiling above.
It will go down to the pit, the ceiling of the devils house that is beneath.
His ceiling will blast and he will look up, wondering who breaks his ceiling.
There (down) all the wickedness and greed will fall.
It will cause a (strong) earthquake.
And fire will spill out of the Abyss.

Italy, your set time has come.
You played in your deep chambers with so many innocent.
The blood cries out to Me and I will answer.
Red, red as the blood will be the fire of destruction.
Porn, Prostitution on almost every corner in almost every street.
Cleansing will come after.

See My hand.
Vietnam, rejoice as your freedom is on the horizon.
Yes, you have to go a little more through deep darkness.
But suddenly it will change – by a surprise.

Rome, Ashkelon, Madrid, New Zealand and Morocco.
Storms and lightnings, awakening in midst chaos.

Precious pearls will be found and 2 people will fight for them.
Finally a third one will pass by and take the pearls while the two continue fighting.
Frightening and lightening and shakening and finally they will realize the pearls are gone.
The one will blame the other, back and forth until they run out of words.
Who has taken the pearls?

It was the one whom they reject/ rejected.
The eternal life, the bridegroom.
And He will give it (the pearls) to His bride, before the wedding,
so she will be adorned with precious pearls.

Tell My People, I am coming to meet them.
I have NOT forsaken you, NO, I will never forget you.
My People Israel, why have you let the devil gain so much ground?

Pause, maybe half an hour/ 45 minutes and then 20:30 the Lord continued speaking:

And then they are hanging all the decorations up (in 2 months?)
And yes, I will take them down, all their decorations and lammetations,
and ugly filthy idol worship.
I am not in a manger anymore.
I sit on the Throne and reign.
And as I told you, you will see devastation taking place.
A place, a plague, pestilence of sin and ignorance.
Be ready to fly!

Lammetations is not a writing error but a mixed wordplay of English and German.
The word Lametta which in English it’s tinsel, that is, these shining material,
usually the thin strips, used for ornamental purposes.
In this prophecy used also as a double meaning of lamentation.

Also the word ″shakening″ is used to match some kind of rhythmic element in that sentence