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Word 2021-10-14 Done in heaven, battle

Prophetic word, given on October the 14th around 9:30pm 2021 during prayer time.

Not in your wildest dreams you would believe
what I am going to do.
The ax is laid on the root, people say.
No, the tree is already chopped down in heaven.
I make room for My Bride to arrive.
The devil has occupied too much space
and I am tired of hearing all his requests.
I am about to cast him off.
He knows his time is up.

His wicked servants don’t know yet
that I put a mask on HaSatans face.
They still running around, trying to accomplish
and finish what the liar has told them.

Have I not told you, you will smell him from afar?
Today in the morning you could feel
what he(the devil) wanted to do in the afternoon,
how he laid a bunch of temptations in front of you.
Next time you’ll know.

Tell your people, tell My people to smell.
Death is coming, temptations will arrive.
But I will set My angels in position
to guard your boundaries,
so the angel of death
can not enter your property (body?).

There is still a battle going on in the second heaven.
Not much longer.
Hold your breath and be still.
For the coming excitement is on the way.

No, you won’t be in the spotlight.
You even don’t want to be in the spotlight.
But I will put you there,
where people can hear you.
The glory will be on your lips,
the Glory that glorifies My Holy Name.
Though you don’t know how to speak,
I will move your lips.

Let the world hear the trumpet of joy.
One more time and you will see.
The glorious sound of ancient times.
The day, Adam was looking, longing,
when he lost his beautiful territory and his authority , the anointing to see Me and hear Me every day.

The sheep, My sheep, where are they?
Why do they (so many of them) drink from the trough of the enemy?
Why do they follow the wolf?
Who re-programmed their minds?

So many of them walking blind.
When do they take off the face masks ?
No, they don’t wear it over (to cover)
their mouth and nose –
they wear it over their eyes and ears.
They have eyes but don’t see and ears and cannot hear.

(Alarm) Bells and sirens everywhere but nothing reach their ears and eyes and even less their hearts.

Listen carefully,
tomorrow – I say tomorrow
and I mean tomorrow – Machar.