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Word 2021-10-11 Milk machine will melt

Prophetic Word given on October the 11th 9:30pm while opening the fridge to get some milk.

Milk the cow.
Who is the cow?
Do you not see it?
Right in front of your eyes?
WHO is milking the nations?
Just a few people who are milking billions.

They can never drink as much as they are milking.
But blinded by greed, they are blind (of their own coming destruction)
But will ″that″ milk satisfy them?
No, never! (never ever)

You know what real milk is and I know, how much you would like to drink it (the real milk).

But those who are milking the nations don’t know even anything (of that, and) of what is good.
Like brainless morons, drunk by the blood of the innocent, they just run around like Zombies (Frankenstein).
They think they are the most intelligent “Übermenschen”.

But do they know Me?
No, they are not even interested in Me.
Most of them think they are even higher than Me.
(Thinking by themselves): Who needs a god if he has a ″milk-machine″?

But look how I will let their milk-machine run dry and then let it start to overheat.
But (then) even when all the alarm signals of the milk-machines light up (in) bright red
and all the alarm bells and rings (of fires) will burn to flames, they will NOT pay attention to it.

In their blindness, their greedy bloodthirsty mindset they don’t stop the machine or (even) slow it down.
No, because of all the (red) blood, they don’t see the other red alarm lights.
Even when the machines will become red before the iron (together with the clay) will melt down,
they continue milking and increase the speed of the milk-machine.

But look, the moment, when all their precious milk-machine will blow in one moment (a split second).
Even not a single screw will be found afterwards anymore.
All will be melted into a block of nothing.
A heap of ruins (block of steel).

Once it is cooled down (on the ground), it will look and smell like excrement’s of dogs.
Their boss, the father of lies (then) will come and visit them.
He will open the Gates of hell to step out.

And then…
step on the excrement’s of the former milk-machine, as he was wondering
why the laundry stopped coming into his dark chambers.
And as he steps on the excrement’s, that stinky milky way will follow him wherever he goes.

You, who regularly, constantly stand in the sweet fragrance of My Glory (My Word)
through worship in Spirit and in Truth and in prayer, will (then) be able to smell him (the enemy) from afar.
And before the enemy will reach you, you can flee/ escape from his dark devouring venom.

I will give you milk, the real milk.
Not in a container that got processed in a factory, but pure milk.
The milk from (out of) the land where it flows together with the honey from (inside) the rock.

Another Pessach (and) you will see Me.
Up to the mountain you will go and meet Me.
Transfigured in holiness.
Hold on to Me in all the shakings that will come, to stand firm.
While many things will be shattered and the earth (will) tremble like a drunken.

In Me you can be like the one in the hammock, in midst chaos and tribulation.
You will be calm like Me, sleeping on the boat, while My disciples were in panic and total fear.

Hold on, I am coming, yes, I am coming quickly.