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Word 2021-10-09 Thunder, Lightning and Winter

Prophetic word October 9th at 21:05, received after blowing the Shofar

Thunder and lightning, Thunder and lightning,
Thunder and lightning is coming,
the world has never seen before.
Radiant lightning, flashes of Gold, flashes and clashes, thunder and rumblings and crumblings.

Yes, a strong winter
Yes, but not as you think.
Snow for the plow, a plow to blow the whistles in every corner (of the earth), in every street, you will see.
My snow, My plow that will cover the filth and then wipe it away.
First in the hearts of men and then in nature.
Crumbling, flashing, flash, flooding, streaming down the rivers, the rivers of ice.
In the ice, be wise, for the enemy wants you to slip and fall.

But pray and the fall will be his.
His servants who are running a fake show.
The fake book they have written, thinking to black out My Word.
But My Word is the light that can’t be switched off.
It shines forever and ever.

Darkness will cover the earth
but My light will break through.
When My flashes will break the mountains in pieces.
They will melt, melting is here.
Melting of mountains and melting of hearts.

People will fail, plans will fail and fall will fail as it is foul and rotten from inside.
So, winter will cover the fallen and the dust will cover the snow.
Dust from lies and tyranny.
And all is covered to the last corner of the earth, My plow will wipe it away and rolling thunder will make the enemy tremble.

Yes, even more like in the days of Noach and Sodom and Gomorrah.
Fire not only from heaven but also from the ground, the bottom below.
Things will be turned upside down and lies be blank.

Revealed for everyone to see.
Will they see?
No, who will see?
The ones with eyes open.
Those who look upon Me, so I will give salve to/for their eyes to see.

A sea of people who will cry to Me and ask for forgiveness.
I see the sea…
I see the poison, the enemy wants to pour into the sea.
More than ever before.

Will it happen?
Yes, but not yet.
There will be still a short time to repent, for My children those who claim they follow Me and love Me.
But how can they say they love Me but don’t keep My commandments?
I am still waiting…

Satanic forces are waiting to devour you.
If you keep on ignoring My commandments, I will remove the barrier between them and you.

My Words are as fire, My voice like thunder.
Call upon My Holy Name and I will speak and let the world hear My voice.
One more time I will speak and warn My people to humble themselves, so I can hear them and heal their land.