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Word 2021-09-30a Something coming, knee-prayer

Prophetic Word from Yeshua, given on September 30th 2021 at 4:20am

Ask the Holy Spirit to give you more understanding – as always with every prophecy.

Now the word:

Something is coming, it’s almost here/there.
And if/when it comes, still most (people) will not believe.
The movements in heaven will shake the earth, rumors and trembling all at once.

Fly My people, fly up to the sky.
Wait for the call, the shout from heaven.
I will bring peace in/into My peoples hearts.
The calm before the storm.

Glory, all the Glory belongs to the ONE
who sits on the (heavenly) throne and reigns.
Forgiveness is under the wings of the king.
Hold on My Bride for your time is about ready to receive your wings.

Where will you be O wicked people when I judge you?
Will you come to Me and receive My salvation or will you still hold on to your evil ways?
Separate and separation.
The sheep and the goats.
It’s almost done.

The flowers, the grain and the weeds are standing in/on the field.
I will (personally) pick the flowers and then, My angels will gather the wheat and burn the tares/weed.
They will bring them before My feet.

The footstool will tremble when I move My feet – like the one who treads the vine/ the wine-press.
So you will feel My pressure My power, My Glory, My judgment upon you oh people of this world.
You will not (want to) come to me even in greatest disasters.
I see you how you will still not see and repent, and turn from your crooked ways.
The pleasure over centuries you don’t want to leave behind for your good.
You don’t believe that I am good.
Manipulated (are you) deep in your brain, injected with poison and diabolic thoughts.
How can I spare you from the coming wrath?
You have been drinking the wine of pleasure and now, soon you will be drinking the cup my indignation.

My wrath is mixed with My tears – tears of love.
But you chose to spill and pour it out, to cast it away.
My tears you reject, My wrath you love.
Your brains, so much washed with filth and sin.
Ignorance overflowing.

Some will turn and remember the words of life they heard.
(But) most will continue to walk away from Me.
Attracted by the Beast and his Image.
Adoring the comfort and pleasures of (this earthly) life.
They don’t see their own destruction coming closer each day.
And continue walking in darkness the crooked way.
The way, that leads to death that is eternal.

Come oh My children, come to Me.
I want you to see.
Open your eyes and believe.
Believe and trust in Me and in all the shaking you will be standing still.
Like a baby suckling the mothers milk, so will you be nourished with My Word.
Though more than (only) milk I will give you, but the peace will be upon you.

Years you have been crying like a hungry baby.
But Now is the time when I will feed you (again) with the Manna from heaven.
If you don’t rebel and ask for meat (for your pleasure), I will bring you through,
until the day when you will enter the promised Land.
More than only milk and honey is waiting for You.

The green pastures is, where you will caress.
The sea of glass which upon you will stand.
Sing Glory and praises as out of one tongue/ one mouth.
Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh and receive My Love.

All the trials and tribulations you endured will be not much longer.
My fire will burn a wall between you and the world.
Though you are in the world, the world will not be able to touch you any/much longer.

The separation is coming to an end.
And then you will understand as you will see My Glory.
The Glory that wicked people can’t see nor feel nor touch.
And one day… not receive anymore.
The Glory where you can walk in time and (in) times of troubles that will not be able to touch you.

I showed it to you when I met you in the house with My Shalom.
You will be able to do the same and even more.
Wherever you will go I will be with you.

Pray for your sons and daughters to come back to you.
Those who went astray.
Your knees will be enough for Me, if your words are failing.
The prodigals returning by the cry of your knees.
I will make a way, you stand still and pray.

Do not ask for jabs and jobs, I know what you need.
I take care of all, each and every sparrow, so (for) you My child.
Don’t worry.
I will not delay, I am on My way.