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Word 2021-09-05 Tree of good and evil – Babylon

Prophetic Word from Yeshua, given on September 5th 2021 around 10:00pm

This is partially a spiritual vision. It contains a bunch of metaphors.
Let the Holy Spirit guide you through this word

Now the prophetic word:

It’s about to clash… good and evil!
Did it not always clash… since ages?

There is a difference between good and evil and man-made good and evil (made by humanity).
Men have turned it upside down, twisted, exchanged it,
bent and hammered it to what they want (wanted) for their own profit and pleasure.

In the garden, the tree of knowledge.
Good and evil from one (single) trunk (root).
How can it be, a tree bearing good and bad fruits?
Men desired it and so they created it.
The devil showed them the way to do it (successfully).
The progress continued since ages, since the beginning of time.

They built a tower high up, twisting, turning, rising up to heaven they wanted to go.
But then, a gentle/soft breath from heaven, from the throne from the one
who sits there forever in righteousness.
Confusion over confusion, nothing they calculated between their brickstones.
Confusion instead mortar.
So that the building stands until this very day.
Woooh, where is it?
Did the flood not washed it away?
Did not time (and alteration) have been grinding the rocks to sand?

No, it still stands.
You cannot see? WHY?
Look and see how Nimrod still building, still desire to be higher than Me.
His descendants building, generation after generation and they will never finish.
They think they will, one day with all their technology and “Smart ideas”.
All/ everything has to be smart in order to stick to their mortar.

But why do you not pray?
We pray, many say!
But I cannot hear you behind your walls!
Pray without ceasing, come out from behind your walls, the walls of ignorance and rebellion.
Pray, declare the great works of Elohim, the wonders of old.

The smart rocks and smart mortar is even less strong than the walls of Yericho.
Where are the priests?
Some in the casino of this world, sticking their nose in stinky smelling witchcraft.
Some are marching from couch to couch, from bed to bed, wondering how to please Jezebel.
Some slinging a chain around and between their fingers, thinking, that will impress Me.
Some are out, declaring religion and theology, thinking it will please Me.
And in their pride believe they do something good.
But it’s not more valuable than flushing toilet paper down the drain.
Is it good that you waste your time in that way?

Good and evil on one tree.
How much have you been eaten?
What would you do if you will stand in front of that (original) tree?
Imagine the size of that tree (today).
How many people throughout history ate from that tree?

Yes, almost all.
Some, yes, many eat daily from it and they never get satisfied.
Never Ever!

Simplify your life – you don’t need to be “Smart”.
You only need to eat from the tree of life.
The tree that stands in front of you.
The tree of love, true love, the only love that is life and life eternal.
There is no evil on that tree.
THAT tree is Me.

Open your eyes and you will see.
You will see and taste and be satisfied in One moment.
The tree is rooted in the streams of living waters.
The (same) waters that were separated in the beginning of creation as light was separated from darkness.
Th at waters are high above, as high as My Thoughts and My Ways,
but deep, so deep as the ocean of My Love and compassion –
for you, for you and for you, for ALL who seek Me and keep My commandments.

You truly love Me?
Do it, and you will see that I have never forsaken you and if you stay IN Me,
you will be and see the face of Me in all eternity.

Good and evil will clash when no-one expects anything anymore (no-one expects it to happen).
It WILL clash.
One day on a hot and sunny day it will dry…
The next day in the storm it will fall…
On the third day it will be rolled away…
and at the end of the third day cast into the lake of fire –
where it will burn for ever and with/for those who worship the tree (of Knowledge).

End of prophetic word.
Blessings and Yeshua be with you.