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Word 2021-08-31 Three words at night

1. Word 2021-08-31 3:10 (am)

″Seas of souls″ (female voice, audible)
″Yes″ (male voice, audible)

2. Word 2021-08-31 4:00 (am)

Time, what is it?
To govern your Soul
Can we live without Him (Yeshua)?
And those who reject Him/You(Yeshua)?
They live outside Me.

You can only live *and hide or* inside Me but no one can live without Me.
Because without Me there is no life.

You can reject Me but not ignore Me in the depths of your Soul.
I Am in everything that lives.
Unless you are death/dead you will not be able to stay away from Me and My Love,
whether you accept or reject it.

I am the life and without Me there is No life.
Brothers and sisters I have called to Me.
Those who follow Me will be with Me forever and (will) live forever.

3. 2021-08-31 6:30 (am)
People have to be raised as if they were dead.