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Word 2021-08-29 real life, garden, DNA and 144,000

Word 2021-08-29 5:15

Got this word after I woke up

I am The Way, The Truth and The Life.
But you don’t know (yet) what life is.
Life in Me is not the same as life on earth.
It is something complete different.
Life In Me you cannot comprehend.
The oars of a boat brings you forward, so the sail.
It can bring/carry you even across the (big) ocean(s) as some made (accomplished) it before.
But it will not make the boat to fly, nor will it be (make it) able to cross the ocean in one hour.

Speed up, speed up – time is about to be shortened.
You won’t feel it, you won’t see it but it will come.
As the devil sneaks in slowly but accelerate more and more until his pace will surpass all rockets.
And so My time, when I set it in motion.
No, it’s not the earth spinning faster, but sun and moon and My angels (will be) dancing to the (heavenly) music that is increasing in tempo (speed).

How do you see the moon?
Like those with the telescopes?
And how do you see the sun?
Like those with high technology?
You will be fooled (if you do that).
I control them and give them power to shine, so I will give power and authority to those I choose.

It’s not men’s choice by a democratic vote.
They have turned and twisted the votes since decades, since the (time) they started with this nonsense.
They put people in power (that) I have not anointed.

People think (and teach) it is I who give them authority and the mandate to rule and reign.
But NO, it is NOT Me.
Obey the authorities, Obey the authorities… I hear most people saying.
Obey idols and stars, Obey rulers of darkness they don’t say (but this is what it is).
But I have not given them authority as they don’t keep My Word as their authority.

They make/create their own (man-made) rules, spoken their own words as if they are mine, but it is NOT!
Dark spells, curses are they, the voice of HaSatan (the devil).
Yes, I let it happen that they can oppress you.

But if you would keep My Word and My Commandments they would not be able to touch you.
I have spoken Word, but you removed it, put it in your backyard and replaced it with doctrines of men.
Traditions over traditions.

Life that is not alive, words that does not speak.
But then…
How much longer can unauthorized people reign over us?
How can it be that you (Adonai) let them come to power? (people asking)
You decided because of your hard heart and stiff neck, and I in My mercy gave room to your desire.
(though it was never My will)
A broken deceitful heart that does not come to Me and ask for Mercy and Forgiveness
All the bitterness you ate went down your heart.
So the waters were defiled.

Living waters, living waters, where are they?
In the book of life?
But how do we get there?
Keep My Commandments, walk in My Ways as Chanoch (Enoch) did, as Avraham and Eliyahu, examples of old.
No, they were not superheros.
They were simple men like you, but their hearts were undefiled from modern pseudo-religion.
Simplicity and faith rooted in My Word.

The Word of Life I have given at the beginning of creation when I spoke to the moon the sun and My angels.
The Word that created all (everything) and spoke with Adam in the garden.
You won’t see the garden unless you turn from your human defined ways.
Humble yourself and humble yourself.
Humble yourself to the core of the dirt you were made of.
Then I will remove unauthorized leaders who think they are gods, those who abuse My children with their money.

I know the righteous (people) I can set before you to bring nations to repentance, nations to Me.
I have more than only one like David.
But I am waiting while scanning the earth if I see you turning away from idolatry, and come to Me, seek My Face and trust that I will do what you are asking for.

Yehoshua (Joshua) walked with Me and kept My Word, (and by this) that he was able to command Sun and Moon and they obeyed.

What are these wicked leaders who think they are higher than Me?
Have you ever seen them commanding sun and moon to obedience?
Yes, with their trickery they fool (and have fooled) you with climate change and all sort of (other) deception.
They manipulate My creation with tools of hell.
Machinery designed to bring death.
Yes, death is their goal.
They don’t seek My Face, they don’t desire life.

You pray and pray and pray for them like the one who push (constantly) against a wall of ignorance.
Will the wall move?
Will the wall tumble (down)?
Yes, the wall will move and tumble.
But only a few (small) stones will roll at My Feet.
Most of the wall will crumble and the rocks will roll down the hill or fall down the cliff.
Down the hill into the valley of shadow and death and down the cliff straight into the pit of hell.

But as for you My child.
Life is in your hand if you obey Me and seek My Face.
I will lead you in the paths of righteousness by My Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit).
Paths you have not seen before.
Yes, narrow is the path that leads to life.
But is it worthy to keep your life (earthly life) to loose eternal life?
Life you don’t know yet?
Life where you can live?

Robots are coming, robots who want to destroy your life, everything I created.
Will it happen?
Yes, but not yet.
Robots, created men, created and designed by demons and man.
The man of perdition will soon come on stage.
But he has to wait until the fullness of My Word, the fullness of My children have been gathered.

Not by a democratic vote I have selected My children but by My Wisdom and the searching of hearts.
Who is not deceived?
(only) Me, but all mankind is deceived…. ALL
You cannot beat the devil by your intellect, nor by anything you have or own.

He knows creation from the beginning, he knows where the gate to the garden is (located).
He would love to go in there and spoil and corrupt it as well (like he did with the place outside the garden).
But he will never ever again be able to enter.
It makes him mad, completely insane.
And the more (it drives him crazy) because I will give it back to the people who walk in righteousness.
He knows that place very well, where the tree of knowledge was and the tree of life.
He likes to climb on the tree of life to cut of it’s branches.
Then to bring them out of the garden and give it to his servants, so they can rule and reign eternally.
Rule and reign?
No (not really), the only thing they do (want to do) is to violently oppress others to have dominion over them to gain their own power.
My Cherub keeps watching the gate.

Often HaSatan and his angels have tried to break in.
Not they think they found a way to break the curse by defiling men’s DNA (they call it).
(It is) the letter, the Word I wrote in each and every person.
It was a ladder to heaven but twisted into corruption.
He thinks he can straighten it out and his robots will be able to climb to heaven.
But NO, I am about to break that plan.

144.000 are ready to go.
144.000 to bring revival?
No, 144.000 to bring life – or has any revival lasted… for how long?
No, life is all you need – LIFE ETERNAL!

Life as written in the book of the lamb that was slain.
A innocent spotless lamb.
The blood of that lamb is and what will bring life.
Life eternal, real life, life you don’t know.

But if you keep walking or even if you are crawling on the narrow path it will lead you to My Life.
There! You will KNOW what real life is!