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Word 2021-08-27 bowls and rock of ages

Word 2021-08-27 20:35

The word came during worship

This word appears to be very cryptic, loaded with parables and metaphors…

One time I speak, two times I speak.
One more time I will speak to My people.
I heard all your pleading, all your requests, they are all stored in a golden bowl before My throne.
But before I can pour out most of it, out upon you, I need to pour out another bowl.
That (second) one I will pout our in the fullness of it’s context.

I can not hold back My bowl of wrath much longer.
Centuries over centuries I was waiting for many people who made a pact with the devil to turn and come to Me.
But instead asking for forgiveness of Me, they (filled and still continue to ) fill the bowl of wrath more and more.
What will come at the end of the days when the cups/bowls of sin are overflowing.
Noach’s flood, Sodom and Gomorrah will look like a puddle and a campfire compared to what will be/come.

They played with fire, My Fire and as the priests of Baal burned (inside) when they saw how I poured out My Fire on the altar of My servant Eliyahu, so will wicked men see MY Fire upon them.

No man knows the day and the hour.
But measure the temple, measure the bride, measure the time of today.
Can you see the eagle?
Yes, you do, but you will not know his next turn, if he will fly left or right or up or down, or if he will turn (around) and fly even upside down.

Look at the sky and count the air if you can.
Can you bring back the rain to the place it came from?
Each drop in its (original) place?
The day when you will (be able to) walk on water you will be able to do that.

Let the rock of ages be under your feet and move not!
Today and tomorrow thieves are standing beside (around) the rock, waiting for those who stand upon it to step out.
Like vultures they are circling around for the right moment (opportunity),
if they can even see a small finger stretched out (sticking) over the edge of the rock.
Without mercy they will pull the whole person down the rock.

But look, look closer – do you see?
Some of these beasts outside the rock try already to climb on it as a wolf tries to enter the sheepfold.
In the same way also the vultures, some of them now start to fly over the borders of the rock.

Watch, what will happen to them.
They start being so bold, thinking they can snatch the people away who are standing firm on the rock.
Watch and see what I will do with/to them.

No, they are not coming to ask for forgiveness.
Their mind has not changes.
No, their mind and heart increasingly, rapidly get more evil.
Filled with anger and hate of hell against all those tho are standing on The Rock.

You think as you watch the scene that I let them all, allow them all to step on the rock?
Yes, you have seen correctly!
I will let them step up to the rock to let them believe, now they can tale all of them (the people) who are there, my faithful ones.

They (the wicked ones) are the same fools like those in Jericho, laughing of what my people did.
Have you heard the Shofarim (multiple Shofar) of My priests?

The day will come when I will, in one moment crash down their walls of wickedness.
A heap of rubble will be left for them.
Thousands of years of preparation in ONE Moment turned to NOTHING!

And then? – you ask…
After a moment of shock, as the roman empire will fall again and Babylon on it’s side, they will assemble together and discuss what they shall do.
To rebuilt?
No, they will make a (complete) new plot, discussing how to defeat the rock that has fallen upon their empire.

Whom shall we send? – they ask…
Yes, the one who lives in the sea.
We will call him to come and make war to conquer!
We will squeeze the last drop (of blood) out of those, who are not walking on our side.

Where are all the horses?
Bring them all back.
Bring them back and we will win, they say.
Now we have found the man who will guide us.
We will give him all power and authority and then we can continue to drink the blood of the children from our slaves.

Go and seek those who were standing on the rock if you find them and make a festival.
We (will) like to see them roasted as a Barbecue.

Soon hell will break loose.
But wait…

Do I not hear laughter?
Who is dare to laugh? (without our permission)
No, this is not the laughter of bloodthirsty men.
This laughter comes from outer space.
Outer space?
Yes, it must be in our universe.
No, their laughter we know (well), their laughter is like ours.

Scareful scary… worries over worries.
Why is this laughter makes us tremble?
Have we not planned it again in a better (safer) way?
Do you hear?
Yes, this laughter is mingled with victorious joyful shouting.
Shouting and laughter from a higher place…

Look, look are these not the ones whom we saw (standing form) on the rock?
How did they made it up into the sky (and not being consumed from the beasts and vultures), and coming now in this bright shining light?
Did we not tell the world, aliens ate them in one moment – mass suicide has been the (words) news?

Words for today, words for tomorrow.
The King (Yeshua) sits on His throne and reigns.
Raindrops falling on rich and poor, but the latter rain is reserved for the righteous.

Holy, be holy as the holy ONE is about to appear.
He will appear in places you have sown (and) in places you have neglected in the desert and in abandoned places.
In the ocean of the poor and needy.

Gifts and giftings are raining down in places you have not known.
These people need preachers?
No, I can write My Torah, My Word in their hearts and they will know all they need to know that I Am and will be always with them, that MY Blood is sufficient enough.

No person needs religion and traditions of religious teachings.
I will bring them to Me and not to men.
All you need to know is Me.
And if you know Me, you (will) know (all) the rest and what to do.