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Word 2021-08-26 rain is coming

Word 2021-08-26 00:54

I’m gonna bring rain, My rain (reign?).
Nothing can hold the rain.
It will flow from the valleys to the mountains from high places to My people.

You had the pain but now you will collect the rain.
The flow of the fountain of life is waiting for you.
Abundant rain, abundant blessings.

Read the scale and then read it again.
Read it again after the rain.
Noach did it before the first drops and then when I shut the doors of the ark.

When they (who were outside) knocked at the door as the waters rise, so will they knock on the doors of the assemblies after the doors shut, when they forced you to shut the doors.
Time will come when they will ask you to open.
But you will say from inside: ″I don’t know you″, our Master shut (now) the door for You.

Go where you came from, to the pit you dug.
You wanted to bury us, now you need to bury yourself.
We won’t feed you.
Look, where you find the Word, look where you will find the gold of salvation.
Maybe it is by the dogs waste (poop in the park or wherever).

Your watchdog you sent out, trying to destroy us.
You heard us calling to turn before our Master will send the rain.
Now go and ask your dogs, so loyal, if they can bring back the gold.
You swallowed up everything before you, but now…
what (why) do you ask us?

Remember what we told you if you can find the words you censored and deleted.
We don’t feel sorry for you yet we are thankful for what you have done.

All that you called animals came into the ark and now they are safe.
Remember how much effort you invested for all to happen.
Yeshua is the door, but you rejected Him.

Now you are outside!
Look, maybe you find the word in the streams of blood of the animals you sacrificed on the altar of/for Baal and Moloch.
May he will hear your cry.

May the rain/reign will wash away the blood.
(then) If you find bones, maybe try to speak to them that they might live.

You know how to kill steal and destroy as your master knows.
Ask him, maybe he will answer you.
If you are hungry and thirsty, speak to the bones that they might become alive.
Will you eat them again, sacrifice them over and over again?
Yes, your hunger and thirst for death can’t be satisfied.
(But) if you can’t make the bones to live, so to the next planet or on the other side of your globe to finish your global play.

We saw your open playbook as our Master (Yeshua) showed us.
Yochanan revealed it, Daniel gave some insight and our Master warned us.
We knew the schemes of your master and we have been prepared.
Some through death, some through resurrection.
But all your animals are here, not one is missing.
And the Good Shepherd is with us and will remain with us for all eternity.
He will never leave nor forsake us, unlike your master.

When you have finished the job he had for you, (then) he throw you away like rubbish (in the bin).
You knew, one cannot serve two masters.
You made your choice, we made our choice.
And now there is the gap of the door between us and it’s raining.
The rain of blessings and love upon us and the rain of sulfur (fire and brimstone) upon you.
(It is) the rain of the ONE who reigns (from heaven, Yeshua is His name).