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Word 2021-08-25 roller-coaster change

Word 2021-08-25 21:30

Changing of times, changing of seasons, changing of everything you can change.
Yet you don’t change your mind, yourself, your wicked ways.

You think how great you are you wicked people – creators of marvelous buildings, but inside yourself you are full of filth.
But I have…
I have numbered you days.
You calculate all these big projects and decisions, but you are not able to number your days.

You think you can extend them by your wicked evil deeds when you steal the children and drink their blood?
No, in a twinkle of an eye, one day it will happen, when all you bloodthirsty greedy pedophiles will stand empty handed before nothing.

When I will snatch these little ones away from you, (then) you will become desperate.
And even when you feel thirsty like the poor homeless in front of your doors, you will not turn from your crooked ways.
You are afraid, you will lose your life when you come to Me.
So deep are you connected to darkness that you cannot see the light, shining in front of your faces.

Do you not realize where you are heading to?
Do you not think your friend, the devil is speaking any truth to you?
Do you really believe that?
But yes, when even many pastors and teachers of the word cannot distinguish between truth and lies anymore.

Yes, I will deal with them.
Some will turn and repent, others will one day stand before My throne and I will have to tell them the truth.
That truth is very painful to Me.
It is the truth that I have to tell them that I never knew them and send them away from Me.

No Doctor, Doctor, Doctor Fauchi.
You will not be much longer and I will bring you down on your knees that you will confess that I Am the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
And there is none other beside Me.
But your soul=
What shall I do with it=
You are longing to be at the place of the one who constantly requests the blood of the children.
There you will meet your friend.
And you will hear the truth of his lies.
You will bow down to the father of lies?
Do you not know that I will hand you over to him if you don’t repent?
Yes I say repent! And more than that, to repair the damage you have done.
Your days are numbered.
In loneliness you will mourn and weep and gnashing with your teeth.

Hitler is coming out of the grave.
His spirit will revive again at the same place he came before.
But it’s not time yet.
I first have to bring in the harvest.
The number of the days are not completed to bring in final destruction.

Count the number of the souls.
Do you know the number of stars Avraham saw?
Yes, many, too many for him to count.
But I know, and I know each one of them by name.
I know the numbers of souls that will be with Me.

Heaven will be full, Hell will be full.
Not one single soul will be missing.
Souls who have chosen righteousness will be with Me.
Souls who have chosen lawlessness will NOT be with Me.
The outer darkness, the lake of fire, eternally (will be their place).

Prepare, get ready, gird your loins.
Things will shift and turn.
You will not be able to stay in a roller coaster if you are not buckled on your seat.
And the coming (short) season will be even more wild like a roller coaster.
You won’t forget that ride.
There is only ONE safety belt.
It is the same that delivered My people Israel out of Egypt. (Yeshua)

Down in the valleys the blood will be flowing.
Up in the hills MY righteousness will dance.
Like a deer they will drink from the living waters.
They will lift up their voices and higher My Name.
Glory the sing, Hoshanna our King.

Fairy-tales the valley will shout but their cry will not be heard.
Shadows of death will cover their sins.
Monsters of old the giants will trample.
They called them out of their graves, here they are (back).
But now they get worried afraid of their lives.

They have been warned over and over again.
But they closed their ears, heard less then the deaf (by their own choice).
Now they want to blame Me for letting it be.
Their own destruction their own decision.
The children, the sons of Elohim they blame.
(saying): take away their all and everything.

But NO says the King that will not happen.
Not yet in this season of pain, when the woman gives birth.
You see the child that’s about to be born.
Born by a miracle, born from above.
The labor, the labor the pain increasing.
How much longer shall I keep the child in my womb?
The pain is increasing the hour draws nigh.

Soon, when the sun will be darkened the moon turn to blood.
No science can see what I will do.
By My Spirit, by My Word.
I will speak and it will be.
When the time is ripe for the baby to be born.
Is there a delay you ask, is there a delay?
No, I never delay nor run our of time.

You see when the leaves will change (their colors) at fall and at the end of fall you won’t see them no more.
Snow will cover the rest on the ground.
Deep snow that no snow plow will carry it away.
But I will not tell you what I will do with the fallen leaves under the snow.

Will they change? No.
Will they disappear? No.
Will they turn to dust? No.
Will they grow (again)? No.
What can happen to them, what will You do?

What I will do depends on You!
Will you come to Me?
Will you pray with Me?
Will you humble yourself?
Will you go and collect the leaves?
But they are under the snow you (will) say!

Where is your faith?
Where is your staff?
Where is your crown?
Where is My Word?
Have you lost it?

In the snow?
Or during the time in the roller coaster?
Have you not kept My Word strong in your heart, so when the crazy ride/trip happened you lost it.
It fell right out of your heart?

Hold fast My Word, that I don’t take away what you don’t have.
I want to give you what you don’t have if you keep My Word, MY Commandments.
If you walk with Me on the path of righteousness, you will even enjoy the ″terrible looking″ roller coaster ride…
And more, you will even shout with joy!
Even if everything is shaking and even if it makes you dizzy for a while.
Rejoice in Me and give thanks to Elohim at every turn or loop (where) the roller is rolling.

It’s not the end, it’s the beginning of a new season.
A season (of( the new fruit to spring forth.
A fruit of transparency, of joy, of forgiveness, of thanksgiving, of righteousness on a higher level (on the hillside).
All the fruits of My Spirit.
And above all the fruit the fruit of LOVE.
A love that is exceedingly higher than what you can imagine.
It’s My Love, the fullness of My Love.
The power of My Blood.
Forgiven your transgressions forever.
The highest love to die for you (my beloved/friends).
Before you were born I saw you and loved you will an everlasting love.

Oh year My children Israel.
How much longer do I need to shake you up from your sleep?
Do you not see that I am standing at your door and pounding on your door?
Open and I will come in and make room, so that My living waters can flow our of you.

The poison of the snake have blinded you.
Go back to the place where the snake bit you and plead My Blood over that place, so the curse can be removed and your soul be healed.

Mark ten and twelve, the ones I called our of their boats to become fisher of men.
Let no man deceive you for you have work to do and not be distracted by agents of false light.
Ascending darkness are they, descending from the pit, up and down.

Put/place the ladder on the right place where you will see My Glory.
There is only one place to put (the ladder).
It’s inside you in your heart.
Connect it with My Word, so the messengers can go up with your prayer and down with My Word.
Wisdom from above, from My Throne.

Glory to Glory more than you can bear.
But I will be in the midst of all as a testimony of ancient truth.
The truth that will set you free.