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Word 2021-08-20 All you talk about…

Word 2021-08-20 13:45 (received this word while washing the dishes and baking bread)

Tribulation, Rapture, Vaxxine, Mandates, Masks, Restrictions and Regulations (Politics)…
Everybody talks about these things but not many talk about Me and even less With Me.

Are these things so important that you think you can put Me aside?
(I hear you) ″Well, we talk about You again when we are back to ″normal″.
You like to go back to the/your ″old normal″?
(Okay), You can do that but don’t expect Me to work signs and miracles.
You have not asked Me before they put the masks on your faces and now you are speechless.

Have you never heard about the plow and the one who plows (looks) backwards?
If you look back, you see your transgressions, your rebellions against Me.
(Yes), You can plow that way but you will be plowing a loop.
You will never get anywhere!

Like a mirage you think about a harvest but you will never see a single grain remain standing.
As often you come to the end of the loop you (will) trample down the small fruit that wants to see the light, coming up from the ground of a dead seed.

Change/Turn your old ways and walk forward by looking at Me.
Walk with Me and I will guide you to the good soil, there you can sow.
And right after you, there will be the harvester collecting all the plentiful.
I am the one who let them grow rapidly!
And I will bring you home into the green pastures.

In one moment in time you will see what you have sown.
If you have sown with tears, you will reap with exceeding joy.
And the one(s) who will reap what you have sown, will be with you, and you both together will dance and sing and praise your King.

And while you dance and rejoice, you will literally forget what you have done – if you have sown or reaped.
You will also forget the sinful seed (you planted) and the evil fruit (thereof) when you cling to Me.
I will forgive all you iniquities and remember you sins no more.

Hold on to the promises I gave you for you names to be written in the lambs book of life.
Though the devil will accuse you, but I will show him the prof that you are innocent.
An empty document is all what I will give him.
Oh yes, he will try to write down (on that document) all what you have done against My commandments (things the devil deceived you to do so).
But his pen (writing utensil) is not able to write anything on My Blood.
This document I signed with My own blood (which is basically My blood) is all it needs.
Yes, I sealed it and My Father (and Heaven) is whitness.

The masks will disappear, so the news of the lies.
Troubles and tribulation will be very short (for you).
The mandates, all rules and regulations will be written on the mask that I will put on your enemy.
When they stand before Me they will read My Commandment and My Judgment and with all their piles of masks and diabolic mandates (over their mouth and mind) they will not be able to answer.

There is a plague coming.
A plague of darkness, darker as darkness.
A plague so the wicked people will look back, wondering how and what was going wrong (with their plow).
But as they look back, they will find themselves trampling down their own evil seed (plants), and the fruit of (their) destruction will be trampled down.

All what they have sown will be crushed.
Then they will blame their plow and their buddies, their neighbors.
They will use their plows to fight against each other.
At the end of the battle the plows will be found in their fields and all over the earth.

(Then) I will call My servants to collect the plows and melt them (down) to build swords from it.
Oh, wait, should it not be the other way around?
Yes and No! (different picture here)
These are evil plows used to pierce the flesh of the innocent.
Only My Word can stop it.

And My Word are the swords you shall make from the evil plows.
Swords to strike down witchcraft, sorcery, idolatry, fornication, Babylon and all their hosts.
The battle will go on for a while but the victory is already Mine.
The battle is not against flesh and blood not against rulers and foolers.
The battle is against principalities and powers of darkness.

Stand still with your sword in the battle and watch how I will confuse your enemy.
Darkness over darkness, blinded by the light.
Stand and look closer as the enemy will be driven further away.
Stop fighting but wear the whole armor of My blood.

I will give a signal when you should shout and blow the Shofar while holding up the sword – My Word that will shine.
And while you still holding up My Banner, the (Jericho’s) walls of unrighteousness, lawlessness, wickedness and evil will be already tumbled down.
When the dust settles you can go and take the plunder.
(Usually prey is used in battle, but here, plunder means, the things stolen by wickedness from you, to take them back)

I have sealed you with My Blood.
Keep it on your doorposts and between your eyes. (heart and mind).
No ear have heard, no eye have seen the Glory of My Kingdom.
For those who are washed in My Blood it will be given, prepared for you from before the foundation of the earth (this world).

(It’s) For those who love Me and do not serve other gods.
For those who do not follow after idols, vaxxines, mandates, regulations and worship them.

My bride is ready and now I am going to prepare her for My wedding.
Listen carefully when the bridegroom calls you.
Don’t talk about profane things of this world… Talk about Me and My wedding that will come soon.