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Word 2021-08-18 Tiger in the Tank

Word (partially spiritual vision) 2021-08-18 20:30

Do you see the tiger?
What is he doing?
Seems like hunting for his prey.
And the lion?
He seem to be in the tank.
Oh wait, is there not something wrong?
Seems so… heard the other way around?

Yes, those who (had) put the tiger in the tank now hunting the prey.
What is the prey?
Yes, You and Me!

They think they can play the lion.
But do you know the difference between the lion of the field and the Lion of the tribe of Yehuda?
Those who pour/put the fuel on peoples heads and their bodies to burn them, thinking I am just like a lion of the field.

They gave their tiger puppet (toy) a costume of a lion, thinking now they can imitate the Lion of the tribe of Yehuda.
Sadly many fall into their trap of fear and deception.
I let it happen to see how many sheep are hearing My voice and how many just wearing a costume of a sheep.
But under their mantle they are goats (or something else).

There are still some who are hiding as pretended sheep.
But soon I will have them exposed all.
You will see when the two groups standing separated.
One on My right and the other on My left.
My right for the righteous.
My left for the left behind.
But they are not (those) left behind as many teach so.
I will first go behind each one of them and see if they throw away their false costume and come to Me with a repentant heart, so I can dress them in a proper way.
Yes, some will, some not.

For the tiger who pretends to be the lion I will put him back in their Tank of wickedness.
I will let them think/meditate for a time and times and a season to see if some of them turn from their evil ways.
But I will not speak to them in the tank.
They heard Me often enough and (also through) heard several prophets warning them.
But they did not (want to) listen.
They mocked My people and murdered many.
Once I will let them out of their Tank they will have a very short time to repent.
If this (time) is over, they will not be able to turn anymore (to Me).

Yes, I don’t want them to perish eternally.
But there was a limit to Pharaoh and they also will be given a limit.
If they run over that limit (again), they will seal their fate and their end after I poured out My wrath upon them.
They think they can go free?
No, Not a single person ever lived and will live can pass My judgment, My final judgment.
Some to eternal life, others for eternal death.

No, this is not just one death.
Those who (have been or will) chose death will die constantly.
They wish they could die and disappear but No, they WILL die and die and die and forever die.

How many deaths have you been died?
Yes, many, but you came back to life every time you died.
But for those who chose will die but never live.

A human mind cannot understand what it means to die the death of dying.
It’s like being/living in a gearbox squeezed between the gear-wheels without light, without hope, without end.

Soon you will hear the (real) Lion of the tribe of Yehuda roaring like never before.
That roar will undress the false lion, the one that goes/roams around to steal, kill and destroy.
Oh yes, he already destroyed a lot.
But not much longer and he knows it.
He and all his dominions and servants know it.
Yes, they knew it better than almost all those who called themselves Christians.

When I roar they (the wicked) will tremble and trying to hide.
But I see them all, each one of them, even the ones in the deepest bunkers.
Why did they dig so deep?
To be closer to their friend the devil.
But I will go after them and take them out and will case them into the tank, where they can think what their “Think Tank” is worthy of.
The tank, filled with wickedness and their petrol to sprinkle/spread all over the world.

I am going to seal the tank and send confusion among them, when they are all gathered together to think in their tank about the next plot.
No, I won’t allow it anymore before it’s time.

Weeping and gnashing when My light is flashing.
Fire from heaven will burn around their tank.
The stripes of the tiger will even disappear in fear.

How much longer do we have to wait I hear some asking?
As long as I need to open your eyes to see how blind you have been.
If you let me smear the clay/mud on your eyes it will go faster (for you to see).
Yet you still hesitate as it scares you.
You want to see?
You want to see for the first time in your life?
Then, don’t refuse what I will do and (the way) how I will open your eyes.
For some (many) I still need to open and free their hearts before I can open their eyes.
I need/want you with eyes to see and ears to hear, so that your heart that is prepared can receive.

You (so many) want to see My Glory?
As gold 7 times refined wash your sins in My blood.

The Lion of the tribe of Yehuda is about to roar.
Open your ears.
Cleanse your ears from the noises of this world and fill them with the Ruach of My Word.

Stay away from the cliff where the enemy wants you to you cast (down).
Do NOT play with him.
You cannot beat him by your own strength nor (by your) theological knowledge.
Look at Me and you will (be able to) walk through the enemies army (camp), just as Lot went out of Sodom and Gomorrah.

I love you and don’t want you to perish with the people of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Believe and stay of good courage.
I will bring you into your destination and soon you will see your enemy like the Pharaoh and his army drowned in the sea of (his own) unforgiveness, in the sea/waters of forgetfulness.

A sea that will swallow up your sin.
Leave them behind and go forward in the path of righteousness.

The tiger, ″where is he″ one day you will ask/say…
Your children will laugh when you tell them how he (the tiger) lost his stripes and even his teeth/fangs.
Teeth, black from sugarcoated doctrines, black from drugs and lies, lost when they bite the dust.
Centuries they were bloody red – blood of the innocent.
But I will send desperation on them when I take the children away from them.
Then you will see the truth in their teeth.
Black, dark, darker as the night, pure darkness.
Deep darkness when the tiger bites the dust in the tank.

Be grateful/thankful in all I have for you.
You won’t lack a thing.
I say it, I mean it, I’ll do it, I Am and always (will) be your Provider, Shepherd, Lord and King, your Lover, the Lover of your soul.