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Word 2021-08-16 Naftali Bennet, your weight

Word 2021-08-16 18:30

Started to receive this word while taking a shower – went to take my notebook and pen to write it down as it continued…

Naftali Bennet you fool.
I gave you the open door to bring Israel back on the top of all nations.
You know your (Israel’s) enemy, but you have chosen to listen to the friends of your enemy who pretend to be your friends.
But they are NOT!
They have dressed themselves as the angel of light.
They tricked you, they deceived you and you have fallen into their pit.

As your wallet is closer to you than your brothers you chose a path.
I will weight you just a little longer to see if you will gain some weight that will save your brethren.
I gave you an impossible mandate to see and test your heart – and wait if you come to Me and ask Me for counsel.
I am still waiting.
If you don’t come to Me and withdraw some weight of My word and My commandments, I will remove you in an instant, faster than in a twinkle of an eye.

Oh wish I would find a righteous one of you politicians.
But all of you have too much weight calculating for your pocket instead weight on the life for your people.
Yes, you neglect your people, thinking this land is Yours.
But NO, it’s NOT yours, nor never will be.
It is MINE and will be MINE, no matter what comes.

If you let the enemy invade the Land (Israel) he will take you captive as in the days of Babylon.
But My land cannot be given away anymore until I renew it from it’s core.

Take heed of what I say or else your days will be numbered.
Remember what I told My servant Moshe.
Remember how I brought you out of the land of Egypt.
Remember Shabat and keep it holy.
Remember my priests how they are called to serve Me and pray (intercede) for you.
Remember My prophets, all those you have killed and mocked as false prophets because in My Grace I delayed some judgments.
(But) What you (truly) remember is your pension, your prosperity (and fame), your friends the enemy.
All the other things you neglect (and reject).

Do you think I have forgotten you?
No, I will never forget you, I can NOT forget you.
From the day I gave birth to This Nation I remember.
My beloved Israel is deep in My heart.

But you thought, as the enemy were sneaking into your camp (Land) to take action from your own understanding.
But remember King Shaul… what happened to him as he started to take everything under his own control.
That was the moment he lost all control (even control of himself).
I appointed My anointed to rule as a righteous king and bring the Land into (real) prosperity my keeping My commandments spoken out of My mouth (not the man made or added rules).

You think you can hold unto power as long Shaul when I anointed the man after My Own Heart?
You Fool!
By no means will you be able to hold unto your power if you continue to neglect Me and My precious people.

The servant is not above his master!
And the master decides when he will strip off the (unfaithful and disobedient) servants blessings.
A short, a very short time I will give you and wait if you come and ask for forgiveness, if you repent and turn (away) from your walk on the broad road that leads to destruction.
As you lead a whole nation there, I cannot give you a lot of time.

But, if you turn (around) and walk on the path of righteousness, AND the nation into repentance by turning from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and heal the land.
I will heal it even to a level that all nations around you will hear and fear.
Yes, they will fear Me, when they will hear from your mouth (Bennet) what I have done FOR You and Your Nation.

Days, weeks, years?
No, not years (from now).
Now, go and open Torah in the Knesset/parliament (bring it back there) as Josiah did when he became king (and after discovery of the scrolls).
You are afraid what the nations around might say?
You are afraid they will laugh at you thinking you became nuts?
Let them blame you, let them mock you.
If you stand for and with Me, I will shut their mouth before they can take even a breath to speak.

I watch over My Word.
For you is to obey!
Is there anything too difficult for Me?
I created the Sun, Moon and the stars.
Do you not know that I have the power to shut them off?
By ONE Word I can turn them off and on again.

Moshe placed blessings and curses before (you) the people and you know what they (the people) chose.
What is (will be) your choice?
Don’t be a fool, chose life.