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Word 2021-08-09 – puzzle, seasons and fall

Word 2021-08-09 21:50

Hold on… just a little bit longer.
Everything will fall into it’s place.
A puzzle, piece by piece.
At the beginning you have no clue about what it is.
But as more puzzles come together you can/ will start to guess.
Yes, we are there now.
Yet many guesses are still failing (wrong).
(Just) a few more pieces and people will start to see (more clearly).
No, they still will not be able to see many details, but it will be (become) visible what it’s all about.

The winter has passed and it was cold, people could see the snow.
Springtime rushed by and everybody was expecting flowers to blossom.
But before they could see the flowers, summer had already eaten/ swallowed up the little plants of beauty.
But what do you expect for fall?
Where will fall fall?
People might argue: But summer in the north is winter in the southern hemisphere!
Have you ever listened to the prophets of old?
Did they ever mention such a thing?

Yerushalayim is the center (to count) and there the seasons come and go.
The door/gate to the garden are still shut/closed.
The counting of the seasons are connected to Yerushalayim (Israel) and not on doctrines and teachings of idols.
The gods of this world know nothing about Me.
They created their own universe.
A place of solitary darkness, destructive deception.

When they fall at fall, they will fall on the rock they want to remove.
But NO, the cornerstone, the foundation is laid there and no-one is able to remove it from the place, from Yerushalayim, where I have placed it.
The only thing that will be removed is them/themselves.
And the dogs will lick the blood that will run down their hands of (all) those who try/dare to lift it up (My Rock).

So you will see them blamed and ashamed walking home to their mother and cry like a little baby/toddler.
Who is their mother?
The harlot, Babylon, the witch that flies around on a broom, the wizard of Oz, Frankenstein, Monsters of Loch Ness, Hollywood and Disney.

Oh you foolish people. When I look upon you My heart is filled with grief.
But (also) my anger is burning over you, as I sent you so many prophets, telling you to repent and come to Me, as I am willing to forgive you.
But you sent them all away or stoned them with (your) lies.
You mocked Me by mocking at them.

Wait until you will hear me laughing.
My children will laugh (together) with Me and (then) you will not be able to touch them anymore.

The last winter was cold you say?
Wait and see how the coming winter will be and then you might change your opinion.
I’m gonna fire it up with ice you’ve never seen before.
But for My children I will put a hedge of protection around them with doors (where) no evil can enter.
The doors will be forgiveness and this is for all, from the smallest to the greatest.

Who is the greatest?
Learn from My servant Yochanan.
He understood what a servant is, and lived The Word, to be the greatest to become the smallest.

My kingdom is not like the kingdoms of this world.
I came to the lowliest place to serve you to bring you up to the highest, to a place you cannot enter by your own strength.

When I came, the religious leaders had the whole puzzle (picture) in front of them.
Laid down before them from one prophet to the next (like a torch relay).
But they were looking so close (from such a close distance) on each piece of the puzzle that they completely missed the complete clear picture.
It was complete, long before I came down to dwell among you.

They (these religious leaders, aka pharisees…) were looking for a different puzzle (that they painted in their heads).
So, as time arrived, they removed one after the other, trying to re-define and bring it into their beneficial order (for their own benefit).
Yes, they did a thorough job to twist, turn and move everything around, so that the next generation was not able to see (clearly) anymore.

The picture of Torah and the Prophets were not only showing (pointing to) Me, coming as the Lamb of Elohim, but already the rest in the puzzle with Me as the lion of Yehuda.
Generation after Generation passed (by) and buckets of paint got poured out upon that beautiful picture.

What do you see NOW?
Yes, almost nothing of the original.
But their paint has a problem, a weakness.
They don’t know me and (even) deny MY power, so they will not expect what I will do.
As the (colors of the) leaves of the trees in fall change their colors, So will I change the season.

Those who built on sand, their fall will be BIG,
And there are more people who built on sand as the ones who built on (My) Rock.
Storms will come – fall and falls will come.
(This) Fall will be BIG.
Many will go under, many will go away, some will turn and find shelter In Me.

When the paint that is layered (many layers) over the puzzle will be washed away, people will see the truth again.
They will stand in awe as one standing (in front) of a (huge) mountain of pure gold (and precious stones).
Yes, the paint could never penetrate My puzzle to the depths.

Mankind developed things like Teflon, thinking this was something revolutionary (innovative).
Well, this is just a vague copy of what I have already planted in nature (long before).
Even less the paint over the puzzle will remain (than the meat in a Teflon pan).

In these last days I will wash it away by My Ruach (Spirit), and people again will be able to see the picture as clear as daylight.
Yes, a man will come not far from now (in time) who will spoil the picture again.
But he/it will not be able to cover the truth (of that clear puzzle-picture) that will be burned into peoples hearts.
As he will realize that, he will try to remove the bodies from the/their hearts.
Deceptive deception, subtle, deep and sophisticated with all knowledge from the tree of knowledge.
The tree that turned into rainbow colors and turned evil to good and good to evil.

Where will you stand?
Hold on to Me just a little longer and you will see the greatest picture you’ve ever seen: MY Glory!
A Glory that never fades.
A Love that never fails.
A passion that never change.
A light that never dims.
Grace and Mercy for all who seek Me and trust that I AM.
I am standing at the door and knock – will you open?