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Word 2021-08-07 one month, restoration

This started out with hearing some words (first sentence) that did not fit into my thoughts – so I grabbed the noteblock and wrote them down – turned out to be much longer as I was expecting…

(NOTE: when it speaks of ?in one month? it does not necessarily means in one months time. Could be, but also can be ?in one certain month? which is not defined by any specific month throughout the year, nor if it’s a month according to the Gregorian or Biblical calendar. But maybe it could also mean of ?the duration of one month? or all at once)

Now the word:

One Month, in one month, one month is (can be) sometimes a long time for some people.

My suffering didn’t last for one month, yet it lasts already since thousands of years (human timing).
I gave Noach an Ark when I could not stand the evil disgusting things men were doing.
Then (after that) I had a brief moment without suffering (maybe compared of the duration with Adam in the garden)
But it lasted not very long until I suffered again.

When people turned away from My Ways and MY Commandments (from Me) to listen to other gods, those who cannot speak, hear, smell and feel.
They were all gods of stone, metal, wood.
Nothing in them can save any person.
Yet, most people started to worship them.
And I was suffering when I saw that.
I came to earth in a vessel of flesh but they did not believe in Me.
All they were saying was mockery, while still holding on to their gods/ idols.
I suffered to death but my souls and spirit will and can never die.
The devil is death (in itself) and I don’t have any portion in him, nor has he a portion in Me.
I am The Life and without Me there is no life.
Before anything existed I was.

Death is not of me because I Am Life.
And those who live in Me will also live.
(Which is) A life that is so different to the life you think is life (knowing from your knowledge).

Come (to Me) and I will give you rest.
The rest in Me is the only rest in which you can (truly) rest.
The accuser is completely restless and he knows his time is short.
One month for him is not the same as a month for you.
A month for him is like a thousand years for you and a second of your time.
He doesn’t know time and times and My time (timing).
Sometimes he thinks he has a thousand years (left), other times he is afraid this will be (now) his last second to deceive mankind.
So he works restless in all his effort to kill, steal and destroy.

And between all his evil deeds he always have to come to me and ask for permission.
If I would let him do everything he wants to do, (then) this world would not last even one more month.
He always tries to push beyond his permission (the boundaries I set for him).

(The devil is) A defeated clown in the circus arena of this world.
A world I created with My Word, spoken out of My mouth.
A single breath and it was.
The accuser is breathing like a dragon, swallowing up his own fire, gasping for air like one who drowns.
He masked himself up with a mask of iron.
The iron, mingled with clay he would like to have.
So will his kingdom come crashing down.

Nothing will be left that is not rooted in Me.
Nothing will remain standing that is not anchored in My rock.
The rock of salvation for many.
All those who will stand on Me will not be shaken, when I will shake the earth to it’s bones.
Yes, the earth will tremble on it’s pillars when I will call My people home.
When I will call the death to rise from their graves.
Nothing can hold them.
Not concrete, not rocks in which they laid them, no waters, no containers sealed by human crafts.

Like when I split the rock to bring forth water in the wilderness, so I will bring them out of their tombs.
My angel will sound and they all will hear.
And in joy will those arise whose names are written in the lambs book of life.
Death will not follow them anymore but remain in those places they (these people) have been for a short or a long time.

Be ready for the final outpouring of My Ruach upon all flesh.
It will not be a long time/season when you will see My true disciples running to and fro into all the corners of the earth.
To places they will go (where) they never thought they will ever go, places they even never knew.
Beyond their abilities, beyond their imaginations.
Not by their own strength but by My power, the power of Love, to heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead, preach the (hope of the) good news to the poor.

Yes, there are more poor people in this world right now, more than ever before.
Stripped by those who have more than enough.
But I will strip them (the rich ones) off their wealth, those who raped My children and stolen their inheritance.
They will worry and weep more for their wealth as for their own souls.
Their hearts became so much one with their wealth that it cannot be separated (anymore) again.
You may say, but ?G-d? can do it!
No, I can’t because I will never go beyond their (anyone’s) own will.
I will not separate a greedy deceitful heart.
They (Most) won’t let me separate (cut off) their wealth (from themselves within) in order to save their heart/soul.
Even not over death they will let me do it.

But you My child, stay humble and don’t get entangled with the world.
If I will (want to) give you abundantly more than you need, don’t fix your eyes on gold and silver.
My grace is sufficient for you and I will take care for all your needs.
(Info: when typing down the word I first wrote “grave” instead of “grace” here – maybe a mistake not by coincidence as both can fit, Yeshuas grace and His grave as a symbol of His suffering)
I even take care for the needs you don’t have.
I see beyond any (human) limitations and you don’t have to worry about tomorrow.

I have surprises over surprises waiting for you.
Things you’ve never asked or prayed for.
It’s My Grace and Mercy that will rest upon you.
My Truth that will set you free.
My presence that shall be around you as it was around Chanoch because he walked with Me day in and day out, even when he was sleeping.

People might say, he did not had a bible in the days of old in the times of the law.
(Well), He had My Word in his heart, The Word (spoken) out of My mouth.
Unspoiled from doctrines of men.
(Why) Do you think you need more than that?

No, I can put My Word into the heart of a (any) person and that word will be pure life like rivers of waters streaming back and forth to Me in (through) the river (riverbed) of the Ruach HaKodesh.
Pure (purer) as gold, 7 times refined.
Without spots and wrinkles as My bride.

For times and seasons are in My hand and I will do what I have spoken, regardless of how much the devil had corrupted and changed times and seasons (over and over again).
I will bring them back to My people.
I Am not a man that I can lie.

This deceived generation has created their own truths which are nothing but lies.
See the restoration (is) taking place and how I will put My order back in place.
A divine order of times and seasons even to the depths of creation with the sun, moon and the stars.
Planets are not mine; Dark fallen angels are they, that’s why (mislead) men so eagerly wants to travel to them.
Just cold masses of nothing.
I did not put them up there.
Delusion over delusion, lies over lies.

In 6 days I created heaven and earth.
Do you think I need billions of years to set them back into place and renew them?
No, I will speak and they will be no more, in a twinkling of an eye.
Millions and billions of hearts restored to Me.
One Word, Yes, only One Word out of My Mouth.
It will take a second, a week, a month (from now), (and then) you will see the tabernacle of David will be restored all over the world and Angels (will be) joining in the presence of true worship.
Worship not made by man but by My Ruach (Spirit).
(by) The true Spirit of Elohim that hovered over the waters before creation.

The same Spirit that raised Elazar from the grave.
The same Spirit that filled 120 with Fire, the Holy Fire. (The fire), that drove them out to declare of what I have done for you (all mankind).

Wait for Me and you will see and be astonished of whom I will use to bring My Word (Fire) to the ends of this earth, so that the end of the past can come and I can renew and restore (all) the things that the enemy had broken (defiled and corrupted).

Hold on just a little bit and fear not.
I am working and you will see and be blessed the way you never heard about.
My blessings are higher than your (man’s) blessings as My thoughts and ways are higher, much higher than anyone can reach (by human nature).
Trust in Me and I will make a way and you will not be disappointed.
My blessings will come soon and abundantly.
(It will be) not the way you think or pray but better/ higher.
I will leave you (for) now with that word but never leave nor forsake you.