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Word 2021-07-30 cleansing & new thing

Word 2021-07-30 11:50

While eating something and praying at the same time I came up with a question/ phrase:
Just imagine, one day Gold might become worthless
I was thinking about the time, when the Mark of the Beast will be implemented – and then what will be the use of gold anymore?

Then I heard:
Not for Me!
(spiritually it feels the answer is like a metaphor about purifying like gold)
And you will see how I will deal with the wicked.
They think they can hide (from my wrath) but NO.
I see them all and soon you are going to see what I will do to them.

You pray for their souls?
Good, but don’t think many will turn to Me.
Only a fraction of a few will turn from their evil wicked ways.
Most (of them) married (with) the devil and fornicate with him day and night.
Do you truly think I will snatch them out of the devils hand because of my bountiful mercy?

No, they made their decisions, you made your decisions.
I will not force even my great love and mercy on anyone.
Do you not know that I gave free will to anyone?
Some decide for death, some for life.

I want you to calm down and come to Me.
Once you are fully IN ME and under the shelter of My wings, you will see like a (divine/heavenly) eagle (everything) from a different perspective.
I see the traces you left.
Men try to follow, to come after you.
But when I have snatched you up, they will not be able to find you anymore.

The world is heading to it’s destination and (but) My people will be with Me.

Hold on for one more second and you will not recognize your nation (each one it’s individual nation) anymore.
Today green, tomorrow black, when My fire burn down all their wicked plans and all their efforts and investments will be burned to the ground.
In one moment (which) they don’t expect.
Yes, they don’t expect Me to intervene because they don’t believe (that) I AM.

Enjoy watching from above and listen when I will start to laugh and scare them.
Woe, Woe to you (those) who eat My children and drink their blood.
I will turn the (that) blood into poison and you will deal with it for (5?) months.
But will you turn from your crooked ways?
No, you will still mocking (at) Me, even as you don’t believe that I AM, that I (even) exist.
You hypocrites, you know exactly that one day you will stand before My holy throne.
And you (also) know My judgment.
But you ignore since you are the sons of the devil.
You will never repent, so you, full of pride, thinking, your wealth can keep you alive and safe.
Foolish leaders of nations, following the Beast.

When do you come to Me?
I gave you time and times to repent and half a time is left to repent.
Then I will take away your scepter/ authority (that I gave you), that of which you have used to abuse My children, and the children children.

Will there be an opportunity to repent afterwards?
No, once Pharaoh heard Moshe 2,3, 5 times (and did not repent/ let My people go), then I hardened his heart, so he could not repent anymore.
So will be your end if you ignore my last warning.

I am merciful, Yes, full of mercy, but foolish people will never accept My mercy until it’s too late.
The flower will fade, so you, o wicked people.
You signed your end and you will receive what you ordered.
Death, eternal death that I never desired for anyone. But you lust after death.
You think this (death) is a party, something enjoyable.
One day you will know.
But (then) it will be too late turn and your destiny is sealed forever and ever.

Those who live with Me, even if they will die, they will live forever.
And I will be with them forever and ever.
They will never feel any pain nor any sorrows.
All their tears will be wiped away and will look at Me asking:
What was that (short) dream I had?
I can’t remember.
I only know, it was so different to reality.
Yes, they will not remember what they have been going through, though it seems like (at the moment) it is an endless nightmare, but then even less than a blink of an eye.

Harmony, Harmonies, do you hear the harmony?
Open your eyes, there is harmony in heaven.
Harmonies you’ve never heard.
The sound of angels; (the sound of) their wings alone you cannot fathom.
(Human) words can’t describe.
So it will be and it will never end.

The world will come to an end but My Word will never come to an end.
My Words, created heaven and earth (and all that’s in there), created existence (long) before anything existed.
Anything you see or heard of, from the smallest to the greatest.
I created an elephant and an ant.
All and everything by My Word.
See and look (carefully) how I will create a New thing!
Anything you seen or heard of will be nothing, compared to what I am about to say.

I will speak (Word) and it will be.
As I created Adam and breathed life into him, so I will create a New thing.
I will create something the devil cannot deceive anymore.
It will be like a seed inside a soul.
A seed that will grow like a (huge) tree, planted by the streams of living waters.
Rooted in Me.
I AM and I remain and will be the first and the last, the everlasting love.
Stay with ME!
I will never leave nor forsake you.

One day you will be where I am and you will see My light forever and ever.
A light in there is no darkness.
A light full of love, full of wisdom, full of grace and mercy, full of life, never-ending life, never-ending love.