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Word 2021-07-28 changes; light & darkness

Word 2021-07-28 11:50

Everything will change.
Everything will be different.
And (then) many people will say: wooh, why did nobody told us?
People will question: Why did we allow this to happen=
Because you never asked Me.
You think: God does not speak anymore…
God does not speak outside the bible.
Who have told you that?
Your pastor? Your teacher? Your counselor? Your Church? Your parents? Your enemy?
Yes, your enemy.
He doesn’t want you to know that I speak – that I can speak even to the greatest sinner.

You have heard from (about) Me week after week in this building you call Church.
But I will no longer speak to them (in there) any longer.
No, My voice will be heard in the streets, in the woods, in the sky,
in all places you don’t think I will ever raise My voice.

Look and watch carefully and open your eyes and ears – for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.
I will do it… things you will never expect.
When the leper got healed, the lame walk you will see but not see because you are blind.
Yet for those who have eyes, they will rejoice, dance and sing and say: ″We have never seen anything like this″!

Until the end of the day I will work and My laborers will receive their loan (reward).
Whether you worked a lot (hard) or just a little, long or short (amount of time), I will give you the wages you deserve.
In righteousness I give and it will be way more as what you (would) expect.
Not that you deserve it in the natural, in your human understanding and calculations but because I love you, with a love incomparable to anything you know.

Learn not from men, as this leads to destruction.
Learn from Me, learn what it means to be obedient, what it means to walk in holiness, to walk IN Me.
I will teach you, trust Me.
Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit.

Run, Run, Run to Me, because there is no other place in this world where you can go.
(Sing) HalleluYah, oh, what a day it will be!
Glory, the Glory, when the Glory will fall (come down). And all nations will see.
A day like no other.
When black becomes white and green will be red as My blood.

Hear O Israel, I have not forgotten you.
I still love you and seek after you.
You are mine and no-one can snatch you out of My hand.
No corrupt politician will be able to break the covenant I’ve made for you.
Not one!
Even not, when they come all together united.
Israel: YOU are MINE!
And those who are grafted in (you) are Mine!
I will not leave nor forsake you.
Never ever, even as it looks like the enemy, the accuser has overturned us.
He will NOT have YOU!

I poured out My blood in that place and the devil cannot touch My blood, no matter if the blood lies there since 2000 years on the ground.
It will remain there until I will create a new heaven and a new earth.
This (current) earth one day will be wiped away and be no more, no more a place to inhabit for My people.
Flushed away into darkness in a fire that will burn as darkness with no light in it.

You know how darkness will speak?
You know how dark darkness can be?
Remove Me and you WILL know!
Wicked unrepentant hearts will know and cry, but I will not hear them (anymore).

Darkness will come, Yes, deep darkness as it covered the earth at the beginning.
Watch the beginning of the end and the end from the beginning.
It’s My word that brought the light and that light will shine in all eternity.
Darkness will have it’s (own separate) place.
But where will darkness be you ask, when you will shine with Your Light and (after) created a new heaven and a new earth?
It (darkness) will be behind a (thick) wall. Those in the light will not be able to see it, nor remember any darkness anymore.

The ones who will be (forever) in darkness will remember, there was a light and still is, but they will not be able to see it anymore.
They will remember those people who spoke about THE Light. They will remember how they heard My Word, how they saw My Glory, even (only) in the eyes of their neighbors.
But they will not see (My light), never ever, forever.
But (instead) they will weep and gnash their teeth for they will know the had chances (opportunities) to come to Me but refused and hardened their hearts.

Following darkness and the deeds of darkness.
The gnashing will be like old doors swinging in their rusty hinges.
But their moaning and crying will not reach My children.
There is nothing evil you will (be able) to hear from behind the wall.
I am building that wall right now and it is almost finished.
There will be no door or gate nor any window on it (that wall).

How big is it?
Not very big.
Darkness will have not much space (no need).
Just small balloons, the same as what they have believed.
Much smaller than the moon they described.
Smaller and further away than Pluto as they described.
Just a tiny single cell for each soul.
Enough to breathe.
Enough to breathe?

Why enough to breathe while they did not let their neighbors breathe while they were alive here on earth?
I gave you the commandment to love your neighbor, but wicked people ignored it and took it for their own benefit.
They don’t share their bread, but took it away from their neighbors and even from their own families.
To their own dog they gave more to eat than the poor stranger at their door(s).

Be aware of false preachers, teachers, shepherds and prophets, as they start to arise (in the masses).
Thy are dogs, well fed and sponsored my all those who want to destroy you.
Take heed, I will expose them, one by one as they eat My children.

Hear O Israel,
Remember the days of your fathers as they told you how I delivered them out of bondage, out of the hands of Egypt/ Pharaoh.
This is not fairy-tale, nor a fantasy story…
This is REAL.
And soon you will see how I will do it again for You, as my heart grieves what Pharaoh is doing to you.

I will stretch out My Mighty hand and bring you into the land I sworn to give to you,
the land I promised (to) Avraham, the righteous.
But you say: ″Wait a minute… we are already in the promised land″.
I say: No, You are NOT!
You are in a land full of idol worship, idolatry, sorcery, hate, crime, perversion, deception, lawlessness, religious blasphemy, blindness, madness…
A filthy rug covered over (My) blessed land
I am about to rip of this rug (under your feet) and all those who are not servinfg Me will tumble and fall.

Over and over I said: Be Holy because I am Holy, be Holy as I am Holy!
But you (many) have defiled My temple with abomination all over the land.
Israel is Mine and those tho trample on it will see what I will do to them – when I will tear them apart.

I Am and I do not change!
My Word remains forever.
Every single word I have spoken.
You removed and added so much, I cannot and will no longer tolerate it (that).
Go, and get your house in order before I come and remove your lamp.