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Word 2021-07-26 Blind Pharisees

Word 2021-07-26 19:30

Received the word while cooking (not always the best time as there is a high risk for the food to get burned – and my cooking is anyway not good at all)

It came more like a conversation:

what are you looking for?
Aaaaah, blind people searching… for…
For what?
For blind pharisees to lead them into destruction.
Yes, and their effort (in their search) is beyond description.
Why are they doing that?
Because they have been blinded by the light.
What? Which light?
The angel of light!
Hohooo… and now?
What are you gonna do?
Well, you see… and I see (that) you see… will you see?
Do you like to see how I (will) open the eyes of the blind?
Blinded, deceived from childhood and blind from birth as their parents never wanted to look at My Word.
My Word is the true light that opens the eyes of the blind.
They (so many) have followed the Pharisees, who teach darkness, saying: this is the light.
Theories, theologies, traditions, teaching of men, humanity over humanity.

A man gave glory to Me when I opened huis eyes, blind from birth but the pharisees were still blind and kept walking in their blindness (and walk) until this very day.
So, wake up and look at me, so you will see My Light and My Glory and you will carry My Light and My Name will be glorified.
I do not change.
Men change more often than a chameleon.
Their minds are like a flag (in the wind).
Changing it’s direction as often as the wind of humanity changes his colors.

Look at me and I will change you once and forever, unique as you are in My image.
Perfected, ready to meet me in My Glory and Light.
Then your eyes will be opened and you will see what I do and Who I Am.
The ONE living light who loves you with an everlasting love that never fades nor fail.

Are you ready?
Will you (like to) receive?
Be ready – ask and you will receive All I have for and in you, if you will be in Me and with Me and trust Me.
Yes, trust Me.
Do not trust in man.
I Am in whom you shall trust (put your trust).