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Word 2021-07-19 North Korea

Word 2021-07-19 (evening)

This word is actually very different.
I received one or two weeks ago a word about North Korea, but did not wrote it down.
Then on 2021-07-19 during worship I started singing and prophesying and came to prophecy about North Korea for whatever reason (I do not have any connections in any form to NK nor a deep specific burden for that nation).
Both times I had nothing to write down.
And often when I prophecy (by speaking or singing) I could not remember most words.

So, this word is very vague.
As a result, the prophetic word here contains only fractions of the whole original and it’s like a spiritual vision.

Anyway, let’s get into this:

The leader (dictator) of NK will face a disease like black spots appearing on his face.
He himself did not realize it at first.
When he got aware of it (maybe told by someone else), he start to wipe/scratch them from his face.
He is partially successful and some of the black spots drop off.
But it makes him so angry against God that he decides to launch a nuke to heaven.
I don’t know if he will be literally doing it.
However, I also saw there will be a change in the nation – though it might take a while
I also saw some kind of a shift in police and military.

There was much more but this is all I could remember.