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Word 2021-07-17 Rome will burn

Word 2021-07-17 2:10 (receioved it the night as I could not sleep)

Rome will burn and/but you don’t want to turn.
EU, you will burn and your dream )will) smoke into ashes.
Things you planned for decades, ages of preparation.
In one minute all to dust.
You decided to sacrifice your nations for the blood of the children to drink.

I gave you time and time and times to repent.
But you go after them, that preach the truth. (which truth?)
Because your father is the truth of lies.
The liar and thief you worship.
Now is the time you will reap what you (have) sown.

Death over death, life over lives.
The fires you have seen (this year) were only small campfires compared to what will come.
Once you will look at the ashes but still (you will) continue to hate your people, the people you called to serve.
Instead you’ve made them your slaves, thinking full of pride you could stand.
But I (YHWH) will shake you off from your thrones and give it to those who love.
A love (that) you don’t know because in you there is no love. The only love you have is the love of money and power.

I am still Elohim (God), the one whom you hate.
Though I love you, I have numbered your days and shortened them.#
The fall will come and your fall will be big.
A surprise, when I kindle the real fire.
A fire you don’t know how to handle.
A fire of love you cannot erase , (even) as much as you like to.
But it will burn for a little while and a little while longer as you would have desired.
But it will burn and continue to burn until the day I have chosen to take it out with Me and to be with Me forever.
(Which is) a place, (where) wickedness don’t know, nor love, nor desire.
Your fire… you will see.
(It is) a fire, not prepared for you but most of you will go.
The fire I have told you since ancient days.
Sodom and Gomorrah was like a (comfortable) campfire, compared to that place.
My fire is a fire of love that you rejected.
A fire that burns but don’t consume a person (with death).
(My fire) is even more refreshing than all the fresh streams of waters of this world.
A fire with healing, a fire with passion, a fire that springs forth as the living water.
The fire of eternal love, nothing that can be bought with silver and gold.

Glenn, Mister Fauchi, Toni (Blair?)…
Oh Rockefeller, you will fall upon the rock.
The rock of my salvation that will grind you to dust.
And no-one will remember anymore, when the wind have blown you away.

It’s dark, yet still light.
But darkness will come when I have taken My lights out of your fangs (oh wicked people).