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Word 2021-07-16 Pelosi-Pollution

Word 2021-07-16 00:54 (no, though at night, this was not in a dream, I was fully awake)

Nancy Pelosi – Nancy Polluted.
Poured out poison polluted the soil.
The pope and the (false) prophets perfected.
They play a game, the game of death.
Principalities and powers of darkness.
Power players, puppets and pawns
spilled out of my mouth it’s poison.
Pardon for sin, not any longer, not anymore, period.
Fantasy presented to play the game.
Precious presidents, painful for people.
Past, presence, future I know it all.
Oh pope you are wrecked, leading people astray.
Previous popes all the same, (they) never regret.

Pakistan, Praises I hear. Poland, where are you?
Princes and presidents, people oppressed.
While you play, come and go, I always stay.
Never again will you come back and fly in that plane.
Airdrops of water, polluted with sand from the abyss.
Run and hide, Jackals and pride.
Your show is plummeting, coming to an end.
The story you painted the party you played (joined).
It’s over, your name forgotten forever.
Pelosi, pardon you sinner, perhaps you could stay.
But your name is erased, out of my book.

Please, don’t follow her ways, (of) Polluted Nancy.
No way of the sinner will lead to Me.
People with power, very few that I see in My Kingdom, that is not of this world.
You remain there if you walk in pride, in sin of the abomination (where) you bow (before).

Come, My people, play with Me, in the Garden, the playground of joy.
The power-players are not here.
You play with the sheep and the shepherd,
the eternal, the powerful perfect lamb of EL (God).
Praise, praises and Glory in His presence.
The father, the prince of peace forever and ever, Amen
Praise Yeshua your King!