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Word 2021-07-14 Iran, China…

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Bugs in Iran that spoil the oil?

Oh, what a demolition of the lies with lice and mice as they are heading forward to invade whole countries.
The fear of the LORD (YHWH)?
No, they laugh and mock and continue mocking in high places because the blood of the innocent, the unborn, babies and children have eaten their brain and blinded their eyes.

The stock market will not much longer be a place where they can play like in a casino.
No longer will it be a place, hiding of stolen money and laundry.
It will be down in one day, Yes, in one day (says YHWH).

Look at the clok that is ticking,
When the Bermuda triangle will no longer be a triangle but a square converted into a ring.
A ring of fire.
When darkness from below will be brought to the light (surface/top) and all the world will see.
The ring in Geneva (guess talking about CERN) will burn and continue spinning and spinning and spinning.
And in it, all the wealth of the wicked will be spinning around in a speed they cannot touch anymore.
It will burst like a bubble and be scattered all over.
My people will collect it (the wealth) and give it to the poor, so the word will go forth into all nations, to the end of the World (this age).

Hear the ring, hear the bells, hear the whistles. All over, becoming louder and louder and louder – so loud, that the propaganda of fear from the devil cannot stand anymore, but burst into pieces together with his technology, to manipulate the airwaves and the weather.

Hoo – you see?
Do you see it?
Do you see it coming?
It is here and you don’t see it?
Yes, it has not yet touched the physical world.
But when it will be manifested, it will be undeniable.

ElYahu shut the heavens (Sky) so it didn’t rain.
He prayed and it started to rain.
So you My children, if you truly abide in Me you will do the same.
How can this happen you say?
Learn what it means obedience and you will see.

If you don’t add or remove anything from My Word, My commandments, those I gave you over and over again you will see.
There is (literally) nothing that is impossible if you drink of My living water.
It is free, but not to play with it.
It is free to bring back My Glory, that mankind have lost by building their own doctrines, theologies, traditions and commandments, instead walk the simple way Avraham walked.

He knew me, I know Him.
David knew Me, I know him.
Why do you refuse to know Me that I will know you?
They lived in righteousness, so can you.

It’s not so hard to keep my commandments as many say.
These men (of old) in their imperfection made it and they did well.

But they failed (horrible) some say.
I say: NO!
They stumbled but they did not fail.
If you walk in My ways you may stumble from time to time.
But who am I that I will not pick you up when you fall?
Be of good courage, pick up your staff and follow Me.

Toxic Arrows have been shot into many but I am going to reverse it.
Impossible? You say!
I created Heaven and Earth and you say Impossible?
Why you doubt?
Men decided to take it but those who regret and came to me can receive reversal where ″medicine″ will never understand.

George W. Bush, you laid the foundation for many wicked things (as like opened the can of worms)
Will you repent (publicly) and your souls saved?
Or do you want to wait until it is too late?

Rise up My people, it’s time to overcome fear.
I have not given you the spirit of fear but of love that casts our all fear (fear of men).

Division divided My people.
Humility will unite again, so as it was at the beginning, in the times of purity, in times of trouble, in times of restoration of my body, ready to prepared without spot and wrinkles (as My bride).

Oh no, you’re not finished yet and I am not finished with you as I am not finished with the wicked. I even have not yet started with the dealing of the wicked.
I’ve just started to cleanse My bride (separating those) to as many who say Lord Lord will hear
″I never knew you″.
Yes, some will turn back (to Me) but many will continue be mocking while playing a form of godliness.
Men does not see, but I do.

The righteous will come into a revelation into a deep understanding of Me. (A way) they would never be able to learn from books or teachings (or men).
But My Spirit will lead them into the whole truth.

Italy! Italy! It’s done.
Your time is over as Rome burned. It will burn again and with tears you will watch the once so-called great empire be smoked into nothing.
Yes, (into) Nothing I say.
Your children will weep and ask the parents (forefathers) why have you done this to us?
Your idolatry has led us astray and all is gone.
Put a blanket in your teeth and cry.
It won’t change anything.
Only prayer and repentance can save you from this hour that is upon you.

China! China? Who is China? Where is it gone?
Is it not a third world country, an agricultural society?
Your wealth is washed (flooded) away that you earned by greedy wickedness of your leaders.
Power is all what they wanted but I will strip it away from you (them).

Corruption in high places is all you know.
I have blessed you so much but you gave me no honor and thanks.
Now I will take it away and give it to those who worship Me and bring their tithes into My storehouse, so My priests can serve Me and I can bless them (and bless you back).

Holland, watch your dam’s, as they are breaking and corruption and wickedness will be drowned.
You say, Darwin is our master.
You will see who he is when evolution runs backwards.
Famous entertainers have lied to you about creation, scientists you say!
I say, No, they are all entertainers in My sight. They have been feed with baby-milk of wrong conclusions and deceptions.
What is real to them is not real to me and what is wrong to them is not wrong to me (but real), because I created everything and gave mankind dominion over it.
Yet they have forgotten what it means.
Speak to the wind, and storms, the waters, the clouds, fish, the sea, the mountains and valleys.
Speak to the animals, the sun and moon and stars and see if they obey you.
Impossible people say!
Joshua commanded and they obeyed, why not you?
Was Joshua something special? More special than you?
He trusted Me as a humble man in all his human weakness.
Go and do what you need to do to bring My kingdom alive.

You may say: Oh, I’ve tried but nothing happened.
Yes, I saw all of this but you do not know what truly happened.
You see with your physical (blind) eyes but I see all.
If nothing happened, then for the reason to keep you from harm.
But you can do it when you remain in Me as I will remain in you, so that at the end you will see all the fruit you sowed. (Jn 15:5)

Remember tomorrow is tomorrow and today is the day to walk and obey.
You cannot obey tomorrow as obedience only exists in presence.