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Word 2021-07-10 Who is WHO

Word 2021-07-10 20:30

The word came while making Cherry jam…
20:30 is right after end of Shabat – didn’t want to leave the Cherries til the next day, who knows how many cherries would have been left for the jam.
The word did not came all at once but little by little over maybe half and hour or more.

It was more like listening to a conversation instead a word from one source

Who is WHO?
Who is WHO?
I’ve never heard of WHO – who is WHO?
Never heard of WHO?
No, who is WHO
You don’t know who is WHO?
No, I searched all My books and can’t find who is WHO.
You are Elohim and know everything, but don’t know who is WHO?
No, those who don’t belong to me are not written in My Books.
But who is WHO that they think they can play YHWH?

My ax is not only laid on the root, it is in full swing.
Who is able to resist the roar of the lion of the tribe of Yehuda?
Who is to able to make war against Me and My anointed and win?
Who have ever heard My (true) laughter from my throne?
Yes, they (WHO) will hear, Yes, they (WHO) will fight, Yes they (WHO) will try as they tried with my beloved son.

Who (WHO) knows their end.
As the devil knows his end, they all know who are in bed with him, but they ignore the lie.
Blinded by their own blindness and by the one who blinded them.

As a flower, one day, it flourishes but the next day is withered, and who remember?
Who cares?
WHO cares they say but who is WHO to care?
Has the devil and his servants ever cared about you? (about anything, except their own interests)?
There is only ONE who truly cares.

It is the ONE who loves you with an everlasting love, and all those who come to Him will know Who He Is.
It is He who created heaven and earth.
It is He who died for all mankind for the forgiveness of sin and to give life everlasting.
It is He who rose from the dead/grave and ascended into heaven.
It is He who sit at the right hand of the power of Elohim.
It is He who will return quickly when the hour has come.

Who will me Him in the air?
WHO will also meet Him but not in the air!
(Then) many will say: Who is WHO?
Some will say: Who knows, some say, who cares…
WHO will say: WOE, WOE, WOE…… Whoo Whoo Whoooooooooh

………………….end of word

As the jam boiling came to an end, the Holy Spirit was merciful to stop speaking, not to smoke the jam 😉