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Word 2021-07-08 – humble yourselves

This Word was given 2021-07-08 in the morning 06:40

Wait, until you see when all (people) across the world will start.
When I break the yoke of My people and the giants into pieces.
You will see, for my arm is not too short that I can do these things.
Humble, humble My people, Humble yourself My people and cry out to Me and I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh.
Heaven and earth will declare My Glory.
The weak and the lame will walk and dance.

And My people, if they humble themselves… I will forgive their iniquities.
Have I not told you, if you believe, you will see.
But those who are blind (to My mercy) will never see.
Make laugh, laughter and dance and sing and song and noise and rejoice.
By My Spirit, not by your flesh and programs and routines and plans (sayeth YHWH).

Your father in heaven is there, waiting for you to come.
Oh death, you cannot beat Me – Oh death where is your sting…
You cannot touch Me, nor can you touch My anointed, for I will bring you down to the place of desperation as you try to sweep across the land, from east to west, from north to south.
No, you say, it’s over, I have them all.
But no! say I, I will give life to those whom I give life, to those who cry to Me, even if you say death.

Be of good courage My sons and daughters, I am coming swiftly.
I will move you for My great move.
Yes, there are resistors and persecutors but I will bind their hands as their time have not yet arrived.
Only a little while but then in full force.

I am the first and the last, the Alef and Tav.
The beginning of creation and the changing of times in time and season.

You say: when?
I say: when?
When? If not now? Now or never!
I give time to repent. I give time to come to Me. I gave time to men.
Some come, some don’t, but ALL will know of who I am.