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Word 2021-06-02 The calm before the storm

You look around and think, yeah, everything is opening up (like going back to “normal”).
But no, this is only the calm before the (real) storm.
Then, when the storm has passed everything will be cleared (cleaned) up.
But then you will not recognize the land anymore.
Everything will change in a moment, right when no-one expects anything.
Even many of my children are not prepared for the swift change that will take place.
Many churches will be too busy to rebuilt their ruins.
Some will even miss the storm and wondering (afterwards) why the things are not working as before.
Have you ever heard about a silent storm?
It will be silent but undeniable – in an instant, a twinkling of an eye.

People think it’s going back from the new normal to the old normal.
But no no, the old and the new normal was never even close to normal.
Man-made normal was never MY normal, never My standard.
I will be raising MY standard with the coming storm.
Yes, it will go back to the “old normal” but the old is not what they think is.
It’s the old of my ancient patriarchs, prophets and disciples.
Long before Christianity was even known (existed).
A life of blessings in simplicity and purity,
My people in one heart and one mind as ONE (new) man.

Bring the harvest in the barns and don’t wait.
Ther latter rain will be the letter rain.
A letter written on the hearts of the people.
A new letter of the old.
It will be poured out in many hearts and people will wonder where they get this knowledge from.
People who never went to a bible college or any church suddenly will preach plain and clear and simple.
They will tell of my wonders and I will add more wonders – signs and miracles no-one is expecting.
Yes, the counterfeit will start copying.
Some of these attempts will reveal the truth (of the lie) – yet some will will look very real.
But he will always be behind as I will accelerate the wonders as he tried to accelerate his diabolic works.

Be ye not deceived.
By their fruit you will know if it’s me or the enemy.
(After the storm) I will not use people anymore who will defile themselves with false doctrines and idolatry.

My Glory is pure and holy and the people whom I use will be as I am.