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Word 2022-03-14 Why focus on Ukraine?

Prophetic word received on March 14 around 8:00pm

I was not excited to hear something about the Ukraine since there is so much around to interfere our minds.
Some things in this word I also don’t really understand.
As it contains several metaphors and wordplay’s (and word-constructions) please ask the Holy Spirit for insight and meaning and to lead and guide you through this word.

Please also note, when the word speaks about ″I, My, Me, Mine″, it is not the opinion of the goofball on the couch but the Lord Yeshua speaking through His Holy Spirit.

Start of Prophecy:

What can we do for the rendezvous?

Shall we go to CERN
or would you prefer to meet in Bern
May you want to know more and learn,
instead kindle false fire and burn.

Or what about Kuwait
does that sound good and right?
Oh no, you say, please not there,
also not in Kiev or Russia, somewhere.

Is this the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?
Is there someone out there whom I can send?

Why are you now all staring towards Ukraine?
Do you have nothing else to do but to follow the lies?
Like the most interesting football game you are thrilled and look, banned, staring, focus on some stupid rebellious boys playing in a sand box.
I know exactly what is going on there, I know exactly what they are doing.

But what are you doing My children?
Have I not called you to bring My truth, My word to the ends of the earth.
Is Ukraine the end of the earth?
No, it is not!

You stare at hot air and think it will turn blue
when you throw your shoe.
Or it will turn red when you go to bed.
A dream of war you will get.

And then you think you get (find) peace
from men with hands full of grease.
How will you escape My wrath
when you hop back and forth on your path?

You believe you can continue to walk on the narrow one,
while looking to the broad road instead to the innocent son.

Continue, continue yes, continue watch the game,
but at the end of the day whom do you want to blame?

But one day you stand at the door the eternal one,
will it be closed and locked your entry forever gone.

You want to blame Me when I told you over and over again?
If you don’t submit fully on Me out of focus you will remain in the rain.

Not the rain of My Spirit but the rain of corruption the seed you sow
And this will be the end of your holy show.

Behold, the fire in Italy will burn soon bright, red and white.
A tunnel you will see at the end of the light.
Downside up, outside in everything turned around.

Confusion in high places where they meet to eat the meat and cheat beyond measure,
trying to hold on to their rotten treasure.

The treasures they have stolen from ancient times and hidden to twist the truth into destructive lies.
The guards you have there at your door are not of Me.
Demons in costumes of men are they.
Standing there since generations and no-one seem to become suspicious as they never seem to grow old.

No, they don’t have the keys, they only watch the gates, and don’t know why and even not what’s behind.
Books, no-one ever have seen since thousands of years.
Treasures hidden deep inside.
Who will go for Me and open the door?

Infectious diseases they say are behind these doors.
The truth they don’t like (to be revealed).
Waiting for the pope to come on stage to declare the next deal.
A deal that sounds like a solution but is truly mingled with poison as iron and clay.
One day a butterfly but the next day a golden calf.
Then it will turn to the next page to continue the show.

While the masses still look towards the Ukraine the next horse is rampant and raging in the bridles.
Chariots start rolling towards another place.
And from there they will try to cross the sea like Pharaoh.
They think (after reading about Pharaoh), now we have the knowledge and technoledge and learned not to trust Moshe and his path (his God).

With ships and boats and submachines and unmarines we will go.
But what a show it will be when all the ships and sailing forces are on the sea (the ocean) and then I will pull the plug of the sea and the water will disappear (like in a bathtub).

Why are you, My friends looking after death when I have called you to speak words of life?
Do you think I will hear your prayer, only because of what the mainstream tells you of who is good and who is evil?

Have you ever seen a cloud in the sky?
If not, you might be a worm.
Even the pharisees watch the skies and claim to know of how the weather will be today or tomorrow.
But, still to this day, they have no clue about the signs, the times and the season of My coming, nor do they know the difference between good and evil.

So are most the people who look into the book I provided to know what I spoke, though it’s incomplete but it is enough and more than enough to get all to need to have enough.
They read the letters but don’t see Ukraine is just one single sign on the road.
Yet they turn their heads away from one hypocrisy to the next, look at the Ukraine and forget My word and don’t see even that My word is life.

They listen to the news, speculators and spectaculations and celebrations and eat all the lies to defile their souls.
But they don’t believe that I made a spectacle to the devil when he thought the cross was his victory when indeed it was the last nail of his eternal coffin.
When death was swallowed up in victory he still didn’t want to believe he was already and finally defeated.
And he convince so many people with this, his lies.
Even I in human flesh was able to conquer him once and forever.

So, why do you stare at Ukraine and Russia and all the fear mongering news about food shortages, famine, pestilences and plagues?
Do you not know that they have to come?
But am I not able anymore to keep you from all the plagues that will come upon the whole earth like I kept My Children Israel, the Hebrews in Goshen (Egypt)?
Was I not merciful enough to feed the 5000 to keep them safe with a good meal before I sent them home?
When the price of a loaf of bread will be for some a days wages, am I not able to give you 5000 loafs of bread for one days wages or feed you 40 years with bread from heaven?

But you still rebel, not remembering what I have done and don’t trust that I am the same
yesterday, today and forever?
But instead you stare at the Ukraine in curious fear.
Men still don’t live from bread alone, but By the word that proceeds out of My mouth, no matter how many rainbow lies hanging out of the windows.

Is life only eating and drinking, marrying and getting married?
Do you want to go back to the times before the flood?
Yes, you are here – you’re already here.
The clouds are here.

What shall I do with you, when I see you watching the cloud of the Ukraine passing by but behind your back in the same room I see orphans and widows that you ignore?
Yes, the Ukraine cloud will pass by yet another cloud will follow close behind but the same poor and needy will still be there with you.
There are clouds that I have sent and there are clouds made by men.
And indeed, almost all the clouds today are created and invented by evil men.
I allow it to be and for you to see.

That’s why you can’t see the sun anymore.
And as long you stare at these dark clouds, you can’t see the righteous son.
And when he comes with The clouds while you watch at the next men-made clouds passing by, you might miss the glorious son and the cloud from heaven, that will shine bright like a flash from the east to the west.

After My cloud passed and you missed it you will see what’s left behind – deep darkness.
Clouds darker than any cloud you’ve ever seen.
Yes, Ukraine is (somehow) dark, Covid is very dark but has not left yet and most the dirty rain following that cloud has still not reached the ground.
As like the natural rain it does not splash down all at once but pour down slowly or fast until the cloud is empty.

So the Covid cloud and the dark layer of the poisonous shower are still raining down.
And it has not yet reached it’s peak, but it will increase just like the natural rain, after it’s start.
First gently but then for a while the downpour and then the aftermath.

Pray for the peace for Yerushalayim (Jerusalem), more than for the peace of the Ukraine.
I know how to deal with that.
You go and feed the hungry and needy and bring hope to the hopeless.
Millions upon millions are waiting for the bread of life.
The time is very near when the price for one loaf of bread as a days wages will be very small compared to the price it will cost, to find the bread of life.

When many people will be staring and starving to eternal death and the people who have My bread of life don’t feed them, what shall I do with them?
I know what I will do.
I will take their one loaf and give it to the ones who doubled their 5 loafs of bread and give it to them.
Oh you say, that’s not fair, they have already 10 loafs.
But I say no, you deceived and lazy servant, depart from Me.

As corrupt the world system is, so the church.
One man stands behind the pulpit.
Will it change?
No, not unless you turn your head away from the system of hierarchy invented by men.
Yes I also ordered leaders of thousand, hundred, fifty and ten, but not as ruler over you or leaders of themselves
but as voices of My truth and to wash the feet of others and as good shepherds to give their lives for their flock.

Come to Me and I will show you the mysteries of ancient days.
How Chanoch, Job, Noach and Avraham walked with Me in righteousness, the trusted and obeyed knowing that I Am.
And I am still the same.
The devil also never change, and is the same liar, thief, murderer and deceiver from the beginning.
As he has his hand over the region of Ukraine,and also over most eastern Europe he only comes to steal, kill and to destroy, while I desire to bring life.

Where are the ones who have their focus fixed on Me?
I am searching and searching, scanning the earth back and forth…
Come to Me, before it’s too late, the door is closing.
The ark is ready to embark and will quickly leave – and be seen no more.

End of Prophecy:

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