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Where is My Shepherd

Banana Praise #1

Banana-Praise Chapter one – live, May 14, 2016: #4: “Where is my shepherd”.:

Where is my shepherd

One of the first songs that I wrote in Cyprus this little island where I ended after some years living in Israel.
There is a good inspirational atmosphere for arts.

It is a very personal song from a perspective of a lonely sheep on the way to its final destination/ home.

Many times we struggle and have difficulties distinguish whether the voice comes from the shepherd or the wolf or from us.

Actually, if sheep are sick they cannot always hear the voice of the shepherd.

But in all wounds it’s good to know that there is a good shepherd (not only a hired shepherd).
He will look for the sick and lost sheep and guide them personally home.

This song also is written for a whole band.
But it was not so difficult as others to convert it into a simple guitar version.

This and the Studio-Version you’ll find in the “The Shepherd and the Bride” album

Banana Praise #1