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We just never have seen anything like this

Album The Almond Tree

A bit an abstract colorful music style

Title: We just never have seen anything like this

This song has it’s source from Mark 2.
If I would be in the place of those 4 men, I would do the same.
In this song I bring down all my dear disabled friends through the roof right before the feet of Yeshua that He will touch them so they will get healed.
This is what I am waiting for to see that happen and the people will say: We just never have seen anything like this….and this is just the beginning

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The Almond Tree


I know a man, and over him I watch
He’s difficult and hard to look after
I don’t know why, wish I knew the reason
Doesn’t anyone have an answer?

And I know another, fascinating eyes
Look out at me out of his prison
What kind of crime that he should be blind?
How can I unlock joy and vision?

So much fun, so much pain, so close, close together
Does it make any sense can’t we understand ever?

How a deep precious heart, how a beautiful soul
Hold’s an ocean of sorrow in her place – in her place, there alone

Or a smile like the sun trying hard to appear
Through deep thick clouds of sorrow and tears
Can anyone say how the soul breaks free
How the fountains of joy to the world release

Maybe yes, maybe no, I can this say because
We just never have seen anything like this
And it’s just the beginning, time will come, we will see
Signs and wonders, and miracles of healing will be

Ref. End
By the one Who is, was, and is to come
He is always the same, He’s the Way and the Life
And the Truth and the Wisdom, the Solution, the Key
And His name is Yeshua, He will set us free