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Vision given 2020/04/16

Vision, given 2020/04/16 during a long time of worship, prayer and praise
This is actually not an open vision but more as a thought that appeared like a vision in my mind
I came to the scene where Yeshua was in the garden Getsemane praying while His disciples were sleeping…
As I ran through the whole salvation story in my worship from the beginning of sinning in Gan Eden (Garden of Eden) until His death and resurrection.
Lk.22:44 gives more details than the others about it.
However, this thought as a vision came into my mind;
When Yeshua poured out His blood in the Garden Getsemane, it was just at the entrance of Gan Eden, where the Cherub is standing with the sword (for us not visible).
Whether this is spiritual or it happened even physical, I don’t know.
No-one was around who could have seen it, and even if they would have been awake, then their eyes needed to be opened that this is the gate to Gan Eden.
It’s the blood that dropped down make the way back to the Garden Eden, right at the entrance of it.
And as Luke wrote sweat like drops of blood.
Does it not go back to Gen.3:19, after leaving the garden Adam had to start sweating?
Poured out sweat and the blood (I heard by science it is actually approved in highest distress the sweat can contain blood).
Yet in Gan Eden as much as I think sweat nor blood was neccessary to be poured out for anything.
Would it not be the perfect spot right at the entrance of the Garden Eden for the road back to Him paved by sweat and blood.