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Treasure of an Unaccepted Child

no return

Powerful progressive straight music – a conversation of the soul (unaccepted treasures).

Title: Treasure of an Unaccepted Child

Full long Version

Short Version (Cut intro at the beggining and end)

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no return


Note: The song does not have a refrain

Standing on the threshold at the door-step of your house
Gently turn the handle so to have a look inside
An icy breath of darkness meets your face
But a Holy wind compels you – go inside…

Stepping through the door the noise of life behind you, fading
Terrifying feelings rise inside you in that place
Hiroshima ’45 seemed not as horrifying
As what appears before you now, and stares you in the face
And the Holy Wind compels you still – go in, go in, and make a way…

Impossible! you say, I can’t abide in this destruction
Yet somehow, planted on your feet you know, there’s no return
Ugly filthy walls surround you, dirt and dust reflecting, tell me
How can all of this be washed away – can be washed away?

The Holy Wind is saying, this I know, and all your troubles
Yet everything you need I’ll surely give into your hand
And I will qualify you now to purify your dwelling
But how, Lord, can I do it, for you know I’m just a man…


You, man, Listen! it’s not good to leave your house in this confusion
Let’s work to clean and purify and beautify this place
We’ll show it to the world and when they see then they will listen
For the beauty of your house will show the glory of my face

So purify and sanctify and never be the same
In all this holy work be pure, rejoice
Your labor and your love will surely glorify my Name
Just walk with Me, and I will be your voice
I will be your voice I’ll be with you – You’re beautiful to me