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Toda Adonai

Piano Improvisations with singing

What does Tshuvah means?
Actually it can be written also T’shuvah or Teshuvah with or without the “h” at the end. There is no official law how to transliterate Hebrew letters in Latin stuff.
But Tshuvah means literally “return”, basically return to the root which is the creator Himself. Which is also a return to righteousness.
Tshuvah also goes to repentance.
Yes, we all walk astray but every day there is an opportunity to return – to repent.

Title: Teshuvah

This Album is actually not available on Pond5 (Many of the Songs of “Toda Adonai” are anyway longer than 10 minutes -and that’s the limit there) But feel free to look at other Music there: the link goes to all Music from Bindernowski

Toda Adonai